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Verifavia Shipping News
PRESS RELEASE - Verifavia Shipping Representation in Greece IMO Data Collection System (DCS) - FAQ Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) appoints Verifavia to provide IMO DCS verification services to its global fleet VERIFAVIA SHIPPING - Marine Notice 180625 - Preparation and review of Data Collection Plans (SEEMP Part II) PRESS RELEASE - VERIFAVIA SHIPPING FIRST INDEPENDENT VERIFIER AUTHORISED BY THE PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY FOR IMO DCS VERIFICATION SERVICES Press Relase - VERIFAVIA SHIPPING WARNS AGAINST OVERCOMPLICATING EU MRV & IMO DCS REGULATIONS EU MRV & IMO DCS - May 2018 Newsletter MEPC72 calls for a submission of DCPs by 1st September 2018! Verifavia Shipping expends its certification services to IMO DCS and THETIS MRV EU MRV & IMO DCS - March 2018 Newsletter The IMO DCS came into force! EU MRV Regulation - January 2018 Newsletter EU MRV Regulation - December 2017 Newsletter Press Release: VERIFAVIA SHIPPING first NON-CLASS VERIFIER to offer CLEAN SHIPPING INDEX VERIFICATION EU MRV Regulation - November 2017 Newsletter Verifavia Shipping certifies the “Liberty performance monitoring and compliance SW” by Enerforce Solutions & Consulting for EU MRV use EU MRV Regulation - October 2017 Newsletter Press Release: VAF INSTRUMENTS Award-Winning IVY® System Independently Certified by VERIFAVIA Verifavia Shipping EU MRV verifier of choice for Campbell Shipping Company EU MRV Regulation - September 2017 Newsletter Public consultation on the revision of the policy on monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport Press Release: Verifavia Shipping First Independent Verifier to Provide IMO DCS Verification Services ATTICA GROUP – First Greek Passenger Shipping Company to Comply with the EU MRV Regulation EU MRV Regulation - August 2017 Newsletter Special Edition Update: VERIFAVIA SHIPPING EXCEEDS 1,000 SHIPS UNDER EU MRV ASSESSMENT PRESS RELEASE: Verifavia Shipping Exceeds 1,000 Ships under EU MRV Assessment EU MRV Regulation - July 2017 Newsletter The EU MRV guidance documents were published by the European Commission! Revision of the Shipping MRV Regulation EU MRV Regulation - June 2017 Newsletter PRESS RELEASE: Oldendorff appoints Verifavia for EU MRV Verification EU MRV Regulation - May 2017 Newsletter PRESS RELEASE: Verifavia Shipping first Global EU MRV Verifier to Earn Dual Accreditation Special Edition Update: Verifavia Shipping First Global EU MRV Verifier to Earn Dual Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions on the implementation of the MRV shipping Regulation EU MRV Regulation - March 2017 Newsletter PRESS RELEASE: Verifavia Shipping receives first Accreditation as a full Global Independent EU MRV Verifier Special Edition Update: VERIFAVIA SHIPPING AWARDED FULL ACCREDITATION AS A GLOBAL INDEPENDENT EU MRV VERIFIER EU MRV Regulation - February 2017 Newsletter EU MRV Regulation - January 2017 Newsletter 2016: Year in Review & Looking Ahead Press Release: Verifavia Shipping Hellas Signs MoU With International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB Class) Press Release: KROHNE Marine’s EcoMATE™ MRV System Independently Certified by Verifavia EU MRV Regulation - December 2016 Newsletter Industry Insight: Emissions Data Collection – IMO vs. EU Press Release: Verifavia Shipping Hellas Performs Pre-Verification Gap-Analysis Audit for Dynacom EU MRV vs. IMO fuel consumption data collection system EU MRV Regulation - November 2016 Newsletter EU MRV Seminar at Verifavia Shipping Hellas New HQ in Voula, Athens Verifavia Shipping hosts webinars on EU MRV Regulation Final Implementing Regulations adopted by European Commission EU MRV Regulation - October 2016 Newsletter Final Delegated Acts Adopted by European Commission Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) - Opens New Office in Voula, Athens Press Release: Verifavia Certifies Dynamarine's Emission Monitoring System for MRV use EU MRV Regulation - September 2016 Newsletter Verifavia Shipping at SMM 2016 Press Release: Free EU MRV seminar at SMM to clarify regulation and support the route to compliance EU Shipping MRV Regulation - August 2016 Newsletter Have your say on the draft EU MRV Delegated and Implementing Acts! Now open for public consultation until Aug 25/26. EU Shipping MRV Regulation - July 2016 Newsletter EU Shipping MRV Regulation - June 2016 Newsletter ESSF plenary meeting to discuss EU MRV delegated and implementing acts – 28th June, Brussels Counting Down to 2018 Verifavia Shipping at Posidonia Verifavia Shipping talks about the impact of IMO MRV regulation to the EU MRV Press Release: FREE MRV MASTERCLASSES AT POSIDONIA TO HELP CLARIFY WIDELY MISUNDERSTOOD REGULATION EU Shipping MRV Regulation - May 2016 Newsletter Shipping MRV for shipowners and operators: Challenges and Readiness EU Shipping MRV Regulation - April 2016 Newsletter Fuel Monitoring A Must for MPV Operations PRESS RELEASE: VERIFAVIA SHIPPING EXPANDS INTO GREECE AND CYPRUS Verifavia Shipping on track for EU MRV accreditation PRESS RELEASE: SETELHELLAS’ SEEMBOX-V MRV SOLUTION INDEPENDENTLY CERTIFIED BY VERIFAVIA EU Shipping MRV Regulation - March 2016 Newsletter PRESS RELEASE: NEDA MARITIME ‘MRV READY’ AND ON COURSE TO MEET EU CARBON REGULATIONS Challenges of Shipping MRV for multipurpose / heavy-lift vessels PRESS RELEASE: FIVE SHIPPING COMPANIES TAKE PROACTIVE STEPS TOWARDS MEETING EU MRV REQUIREMENTS Shipping MRV Seminar/Webinar - VIDEO RECORDING Industry Insights for MRV Regulation Verifavia is conducting first ever Shipping MRV Carbon Emissions Verification for Synergy Marine Verifavia participates in the Commission's expert group on Shipping MRV The Shipping MRV Regulation comes into force today! PRESS RELEASE: VERIFAVIA LAUNCHES FIRST DEDICATED SHIPPING VERIFICATION SERVICE AS EU ‘MRV’ RULES COME INTO FORCE The Shipping MRV regulation is published in the OJEU European Parliament votes the Shipping MRV Regulation! ENVI Committee voted the Shipping MRV text with no amendment The Council validates the Shipping MRV regulation Summary of IMO submission to UNFCCC The Shipping MRV regulation was adopted by the ENVI Committee Summary of the major changes agreed to in the latest Shipping MRV regulation proposal The new Shipping MRV text will be voted on 3 Dec at the ENVI Committee! Verifavia CEO to speak on EU ETS / Global MBM and Maritime Transport at the Platts conference in Brussels Parliament, Commission and Council start trilogue on Shipping MRV IMO publishes its third GHG study The Shipping MRV regulation is adopted at the European Parliament! Environmental Committee of the European Parliament publishes its report on the Shipping MRV proposal Commission proposes first step towards cutting shipping emissions
Industry News
IMO’s challenges on the route to decarbonising international shipping The IMO fuel consumption data collection system (IMO DCS) New monitoring and reporting obligations for emissions – are you EU MRV ready? Extended verification deadline of Clean Shipping Index (CSI) scores EU gives shipping ultimatum on global climate action Shipping will be included in the EU emissions trading regime EMSA Launches Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System Shipowners Welcome Council Conclusions On EU Maritime Transport Policy Weekly Video Series by First Choice Carbon on EU MRV Regulation Transport Malta issues reminder on EU MRV Maritime greenhouse gas emissions – legal update ESPO backs IMO for addressing CO2 shipping emissions EU Environment Committee Makes Waves with Call to Include Shipping into Emissions Trading Scheme Parliament ETS report undermines global work on CO2 emissions of shipping E.U. Decision Seen as Caving in to Regionalism MEPs call for EU regulation of ships and planes’ carbon under reformed ETS EU Reg Spurs Kongsberg Maritime's New CO2 MRV Application Aviation and shipping growth will undo EU efforts to reduce transport emissions, finds CE Delft study What EU MRV plan requires Remarks on IMO’s reaction to the EU MRV Regulation IMO MEPC 70 Outcome New requirements for international shipping as UN body continues to address greenhouse gas emissions Regional Approach to CO2 Emissions Regs Would Not be Sustainable for Shipping, Says Shipowners IMO member states push for adoption of CO2 roadmap New Plan to Include Shipping in 2030 Target Pressure grows on IMO and EU to align ship CO2 emissions-measuring systems MEPs Push for Shipping to be Included in Emissions Trading System Toward 2030 Reduction Target MEPs want shipping included in 2030 emissions target through ETS ‘climate fund’ Green Ships & Compliance EU MRV - Will it deliver? ECSA: CO2 emission reduction measures must be global and equal to all ships Progress of sorts at MEPC 69 Reducing Ship Emissions a Challenge for the Whole Industry: IMO Debating a carbon tax in global shipping Important issues considered at MEPC 69 IMO Secretary-General Says MEPC 69 Debate Post COP 21 Agreement Was "Constructive" European shipowners are pleased: IMO continues its course on CO2 reduction of shipping The IMO MEPC 69 Summary – All You Need To Know The Shipping GHG Emission Talks @ MEPC 69 – Member State Feedback MEPC 69 In a Nutshell IMO Says Good Progress Made on Reducing Emissions from Ships Green Groups Criticise Lack of Shipping Emissions Progress at MEPC69 Maritime GHG emissions: The Paris Agreement, an IMO MRV and ‘market-based measures’ – looking forward to MEPC 69 Shipping Left Out in Climate Pact, Industry Deals with It IMO is set to consider an emissions target in April Shipping Sector Confused on Emission UN Text Opens Door for Fresh Talks on Targets,Carbon Market for Shipping, But Obstacles Remain Maritime shipping must come to grips with its CO2 emissions EU shipowners reaffirm support for IMO to lead GHG emissions fight New carbon emission information and declaration obligations for shipping companies Interferry-Led Group Developing Recommendation for Ro-Pax MRV Solution Shipping and Climate Change: Where are we and which way forward? European Parliament says shipping should initiate measures to curb emissions by the end of 2016 COMMENT: Shipping must play its part in global climate effort, IMO is ready to lead EU States trust IMO with emissions’ regulation What would a Paris climate deal mean for the shipping and aviation industries? E.U. Wants CO2 Targets Shipping regulators wary of UN climate intervention Operational Issues Complicate CO2 Formulas EU Commission starts work on MRV implementation to reduce CO2 emissions Emissions monitoring: the continuous approach Raise Ambition to Reduce International Aviation and Maritime Emissions Measures to reduce GHG emissions from ships Navigating the climate change challenge for shipping Shipping Emissions: Union MRV enters into force before global MRV Marshall Islands, the Flag for Many Ships, Seeks to Rein In Emissions EU shipping CO2 monitoring system brings 'momentum' for international agreement Study shows new ships already meeting 2020 design efficiency standard EU passes ship emissions reporting law Shipping Industry Disappointed by European Parliament Decision on CO2 Emissions Reporting Ships’ CO2 emissions: MEPs approve new reporting rules EU reaches agreement on monitoring of CO2 shipping emissions EU Parliament passes law to make ships report climate emissions Information relevant to emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport - Submission from ICAO and IMO to UNFCCC Shipping industry is not ‘Cash Cow’, says ICS ICS: EU regulation on CO2 reporting may complicate global agreement ICS 'disappointed and concerned' over EU CO2 reporting moves Agreement on monitoring of CO2 emissions from ships EU agrees on law to make ships measure CO2 emissions Europe moves ahead with CO2 monitoring regime for ships All eyes on IMO as Europe moves ahead with CO2 monitoring regime for ships Shipowners Ask EU Co-Legislators Not To Preempt CO2 Progress To Global Level Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), 67th session, 13 to 17 October 2014 (opening address) Shipping Fuel Transparency Will Lower Emissions And Cut Costs, Says Study ICS: Global Shipping's Emissions 20% Lower “Global Shipping’s Emissions 20% Lower”, ICS Explains to United Nations Climate Summit Ships’ NOx thrown overboard in emissions monitoring plan EU Revises Ship Exhaust Gas Emission Monitoring Bar Only CO2 to be monitored from ships EU Parliament Rejects Ship NOx Monitoring Connie Hedegaard fighting for her CO2 proposal European Parliament agrees on a compromise position on the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of CO2 emissions from maritime transport Continuous Emissions Monitoring – Financial And Environmental Saviour?
Verifavia in the press
PISR Appoints Verifavia to Provide Services to its Global Fleet Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) appoints Verifavia to provide IMO DCS verification services to its global fleet AMERICAS: VERIFAVIA GETS GREEN LIGHT FROM PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY MAKING GAINS BY CUTTING THE FOOTPRINT Key challenges for shipping emissions regulations in 2018 Verifavia mulling SECA verification process Non-class verifiers welcome to perform Clean Shipping Index verification Verifavia to offer Clean Shipping Index verification Verifavia Shipping First Non-Class Verifier To Offer Clean Shipping Index Verification Technology is ready for EU MRV Verifavia Shipping certifies the “Liberty performance monitoring and compliance SW” VAF Instruments’ Award-Winning Ivy® System Independently Certified By Verifavia Verifavia reaches 1,000 ships for MRV New We4Sea Module Receives Verifavia Certification Under EU MRV We4Sea certified for Emission Monitoring for ships: Compliance of MRV module verified by Verifavia We4Sea certified for EU-MRV emission monitoring for Ships Verifavia Inks Emissions Verification Deal with Liberian Registry Verifavia inks as IMO DCS verifier for Liberian vessels Verifavia to Offer EU MRV and IMO DCS Verification Services to Liberian-Flagged Vessels Time's Up Verifavia hits 1,000-assessment milestone as MRV deadline looms StormGeo Announces EU MRV Certification Verifavia exceeds 1000 ships under EU MRV assessment Ocean Shipping Required to Verify and Report Emissions from 2018 Verifavia approves DFDS’s first MRV plan First MRV monitoring plan approved Navigating through the thorny thicket of EU MRV Veson Nautical Receives Verifavia Certification for EU MRV Solution MARORKA RECEIVES MRV CERTIFICATION FROM VERIFAVIA SHIPPING Veson Nautical Solution Awarded European Union’s MRV Certification ABB adds Verifavia-Certified EU MRV Module Offering ABB Launches Emissions Monitoring Module New platform enables MRV compliance Emissions verification moves ahead Oldendorff chooses Verifavia for EU MRV verification Oldendorff steps closer to EU emission monitoring compliance Oldendorff Appoints Verifavia for EU MRV Verification EU MRV Implementation An eye for detail Emission Monitors For MRV 'Do not Exist' Verifavia first EU MRV verifier to earn dual accreditation Verifavia Receives Second Accreditation as EU MRV Verifier GREEN4SEA Conference addressed challenges and opportunities for sustainable shipping Is Your Ship Geared-up to Meet EU MRV Requirements? Verifavia receives accreditation as a global EU MRV verifier UKAS Approves Verifavia's EU MRV Services Internationally Verifavia shipping receives first accreditation as a full global independent EU MRV Verifier Verifavia accredited as a full Global Independent EU MRV Verifier Shipping emissions: lessons learned from the aviation industry Gearing up for the first EU MRV legal deadline VERIFAVIA certifies Viswa Lab’s VEEMS Viswa Lab’s VEEMS Certified by VERIFAVIA Emission monitors for MRV ‘do not exist’ Verifavia and INSB Partner on MRV Services Verifavia, INSB Class ink strategic partnership Start to work towards compliance now EU emissions regulation starts to bite in 2017 Energy Efficiency Reporting System meets MRV requirements Krohne Marine’s Ecomate™ Mrv System Independently Certified By Verifavia Industry Insight: Emissions Data Collection – IMO vs. EU Verifavia audits Dynacom for EU MRV Verifavia performs Gap-Analysis audit for Dynacom Dynacom Prepares for MRV Regulation EU MRV vs. IMO fuel consumption data collection system Verifavia organizes free EU MRV Seminar in Athens Shipowners need to prepare for carbon emissions monitoring: Verifavia Shipowners need to prepare for carbon emissions monitoring: Verifavia Verifavia CEO: Shipowners Not Acting Fast Enough for MRV Compliance Emission Monitoring System Gets Verifavia Stamp of Approval Verifavia certifies DYNAMARINe’s Emission Monitoring system for MRV use MRV-READY Approval For DYNAMARINe "Emissons Monitoring Platform"! What next for EU MRV? Demystifying the EU MRV Regulation Verifavia organizes free EU MRV Seminar at SMM VERIFAVIA EXPLORES EU MRV IMPACTS Verifavia Shipping to Host Seminar on EU MRV Regulation at SMM Next Week Free EU MRV seminar at SMM to clarify regulation and support the route to compliance Blog: What next for EU MRV? Draft EU MRV Delegated and Implementing Acts now open for public consultation Shipping needs to be ready for EU emissions rules Getting to grips with carbon legislation Are you ready for MRV? MRV Implementation Discussed at ESSF Plenary ESSF plenary meeting to discuss EU MRV delegated and implementing acts Progress of sorts at MEPC 69 Verifavia Shipping says now’s the time to monitor your ship’s emissions PAPER: The Challenges and Readiness of Shipping MRV For Shipowners And Operators (Verifavia Shipping & DFDS) Free MRV Masterclasses To Alleviate Confusion at Posidonia 2016 FREE MRV MASTERCLASSES AT POSIDONIA TO HELP CLARIFY WIDELY MISUNDERSTOOD REGULATION Verifavia organises free MRV Masterclasses at Posidonia VERSO IL REGOLAMENTO EUROPEO MRV Avoiding an MRV Bottleneck EU Shipping MRV Regulation: A Status Update IMO progresses on emissions and efficiency EU Shipping MRV Regulation: A status update What will 2020/25 bring? Fuel Monitoring A Must for MPV Operations Verifavia Shipping Expands Into Greece and Cyprus Verifavia Expands to Greece Verifavia Shipping Expands Into Greece and Cyprus Verifavia Shipping Expands Into Greece and Cyprus Verifavia Approves SetelHellas' MRV Solution SetelHellas’ SeeMBox-V MRV solution independently certified by Verifavia EU MRV Digital Platform Gets Independent Verification SeeMBox-V MRV Solution certified by Verifavia SetelHellas gains certification for SeeMBox-V MRV NEDA Maritime MRV-Ready, Says Verifavia NEDA Maritime is now ‘MRV Ready’ DFDS and Verifavia to give joint presentation on compliance with EU’s new MRV regulations Five shipping companies appoint Verifavia to assess their organisations for MRV readiness MRV: The devil in the detail Two Groups Clean Up as Container and Other Ocean Freight Vessels Eye Emissions Verifavia selected by five shipping firms to attain MRV compliance Five Ship Owners Opt For MRV Pre-Flight Checks Shipping companies prepare to monitor CO2 emissions EU MRV: 'Amount of data required is daunting' The inside track on MRV regulation Verifavia launches first dedicated shipping verification service E.U. MRV Scheme Enters into Force July 1 Verifavia unveils shipping verification service Brussels rules on reporting shipborne CO2 emissions come into force Aviation emission allowances: prepared for take-off Verifavia CEO live last night on BBC World News! L'Europe exempte les vols long-courriers de quotas de CO2 Airlines snub CO2 regulation as EU vote looms Angry MEPs threaten to derail Aviation EU ETS negotiations with EU states over airline non-compliance Anger and confusion as many aircraft operators fail to understand 'stop the clock' or open vital registry accounts
Posidonia 2018 - EU MRV / IMO DCS / CSI Seminar EU MRV & IMO DCS Workshop IMO DCS WEBINARS - Overview, Guidance & Comparison with EU MRV
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