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> ESPO backs IMO for addressing CO2 shipping emissions

ESPO backs IMO for addressing CO2 shipping emissions

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The European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted for the inclusion of the shipping emissions in the EU ETS “in the absence of progress at international level” as from 2023 and the establishment of a maritime climate fund. Shipping being a global industry and climate change being a global challenge, ESPO strongly believes that IMO is by far the right level to address the issue and to find a solution. In that respect, ESPO believes that the roadmap agreed on at the IMO MEPC meeting last October is a starting point.

The IMO needs to rump up its efforts and submit an initial reduction target to the stock-take process of the Paris Agreement in 2018.  This should be accompanied by short-term measures. By 2023, IMO should set an emissions reduction target and have the necessary measures to realise this target spelled out.

ESPO believes that a 6-year period gives to IMO enough time to put forward an emissions reduction target and measures to implement it. 2023 must therefore be seen as a milestone. In case this deadline is not met, EU measures will have to be introduced. It should however be clear that in case of an international agreement by 2023, the EU measures are to be repealed. [...]


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