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Customers feedback following the 2020 EU MRV & IMO DCS verification season

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The Verifavia Shipping team is very happy to share the feedback from the clients we served in 2020 for the verification of their 2019 emissions reports.

We thank all clients for their patience, hard work and trust in making this second EU MRV and first IMO DCS verification season a success for all of us! 

We enjoyed working with you, and we look forward to another round of successful EU MRV  and IMO DCS verification next year!

The Verifavia Shipping Team

'Thank you very much for your kind efforts, personally from me. To note, that Rajat has explained and supported here to a great extend bringing the verification to a successful end. We feel this is his personal ambition and efforts and is to our great appreciation!', SMS Bereederung GmbH & Co. KG

'Thank you and your entire team very much as well. Especially Maxime with whom we have had a very good and constructive communication throughout the whole process.', OÜ HT Laevateenindus

'Dear Rajat, Thank you for good news. We will not reach positive results without your professional assistance. Many thanks for your assistance and help. It was pleasure work with professional like you.', SVL Marine

'Hi Rajat, Thanks for you and your team's hard works on these for these few months.', Eagle Bulk Pte. Ltd.

'Dear Mr Rajat. Well received your below with very thanks for hard work did it with us. From me and all EASTERN STAR STAFF thank you very much', Eastern Star

'Dear Mr. Rahul, I like to thank you and your team for your help and very good cooperation.', Kalkavan ShipManagement GmbH & Co.KG

'Dear Shubham,Thanks a lot for very quick and excellent service!', ForSea

'Thanks for all Verifavia Team to help and support for verification.', Kalkavan ShipManagement GmbH & Co.KG

'Hi Rajat. I am very happy with your response time. Believe me, this is not always the case working with others. This makes it considerable more efficient, as I can have it fresh in mind when I am working on it.', KGJS

'I would once again like to thank you for a professional and efficient co-operation on this.', DFDS

'Many Thanks for your cooperation from the beginning till the completion.', Executive Ship Management Pte Ltd.

'Dear Rajat, Thank you for your hard work and support. I'm very happy with the level of service you provided.', Eimskip

'Dear Mr Rajat. Thank you so much for your efforts, it was my pleasure to working with you during MRV audit, you where so helpful.', Rami Shipping Management

'Dear Akshay, Thank you for the help and support through the process.', Blumenthal

'Thank you for your sharing and I have already submitted the data to commission yesterday. I would like to thank the whole Verifavia team and especially you for carrying out the verification process so effectively and successfully. We are very pleased with our association with Verifavia and hope for your continued support and co-operation.', China Navigation

'Thank you very much for your good work !!! Thanks for good cooperation!', Ost-West-Handel und Schiffahrt GmbH

'Thank you for your email below. You helped me a lot. I highly appreciated your support.', Times Navigation Inc.

'Thanks for MRV Verification. I am very glad with your cooperation and Verifavia Shipping.', Bakan Denizcilik

'Thanks for your understanding and cooperation you have shown in the course of the EU MRV.', Transal Denizcilik Tic. AS

'Dear Shubham, Good day. Thank you for the update. Sincere thanks to your effort and time together with your team in getting these two ships audited and approved for the year 2019. Stay safe and have a good day.', Vessel Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS)

'Thanks to you and your team for the always kind assistance and good cooperation which is highly appreciated.', FA Vinnen & Co.

'We can not describe our happiness with completion of all verifications for EU MRV together and one more time. I'm delighted to tell you that, we're really satisfied to work with you on this MRV season again. I, on behalf of Armador Ship Management, hereby would like to thank you for all of your valuable and excellent assistance. And I believe that,
i should write separately about your MRV-DCS auditor Mr. Shubham Jain. Special thanks to your MRV-DCS auditor Mr. Shubham Jain for his great friendship since from last year, and thanks to him for his valuable assistance. During this verification period, he showed a great character by helping us to make sure that everything got done properly even during such a busy time for all of us. While verification process, we everytime felt free to contact with him same as last year and appreciate him for his support and efforts for completing work and our verifications. Looking forward to work with you again on next year's MRV season.', Armador Ship Management

'Good day Mr. Jain, Many thanks for your message below and please note that Submission to Commission already done by myside. Appreciate all your efforts and assistance to this task.', Ikaros

'Dear Shubham. Good day. Your below mail is noted and your continued guidance is appreciated. I have submitted the report to commission.', Atlantic Ship Management

'I would like to recommend the service with Verifavia & Verifavia Shipping for EU-MRV and IMO-DCS verification for your company, due to the fact that we have been using their service flawlessly since day one of the EU-MRV. They are approved by LISCR and Bermuda and many other flags. They have a fantastic intranet where the monitoring plans are created and updated completely on-line with a fantastic way to communicate until approval of plans is done and until the CoC's and SoC's are received. Everything is handled electronically and no e-mailing back and forth. They have a professional team that really makes this requirement an easy task to fulfill.', Team Tankers International

'Thanks your great assistance for the process, we're looking forward to completion of the approval.', Shanghai RunYuan Shipping Management Co., Ltd

'Well received and thanks for your kind support always.', Berge Bulk

'Thanks so much your great assistance and kind patience for the success. Looking forward to next co-operation.', Shanghai RunYuan Shipping Management Co., Ltd

'Thanks for your good support, Rahul', Tamar Ship Management

'Confirm receipt of Panamanian SOC with many thanks. Has been our pleasure working with you and all at VERIFAVIA.', Fairmont Shipping

'Many Thanks for your kind cooperation throughout the process.', Executive Ship Management

'Now that we came to this point I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work. During the whole process you have demonstrated a highly professional attitude that helped us overcoming all obstacles underway and come to this point. To my humble opinion Verifavia should be proud of having you in their team. I wish to thank also Mr. Duchene and Mr. Yuvraj for clarifying things when I was completely lost during the process.', ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

'Thanks a lot for your great assistance!', Intresco

'We would like to thank you for your time and guidance through this process.', Creta Cargo Lines
'At first I would like to express my thanks and my total appreciation about the precision and speed of conducting the surveys and finalizing the necessary papers! This is an excellent work!', IMM Shipping

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