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Extended verification deadline of Clean Shipping Index (CSI) scores

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Due to the short timespan between the approval of the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) regulations on fairway dues and when they enter into force, the SMA has decided to give a grace period for the verifying of CSI scores.

The grace period enables ships to pay the vessel-based fairway dues in accordance with environmental class D-E until the verified scores are uploaded into CSIs registry. After notifying the SMA that the ship have verified scores, the environmental based reduction of the vessel-based fairway dues will be reimbursed in accordance with the process outlined further down.

The SMAs decision allows CSI scores to be used before they are actually verified and registered in the CSI registry, through reimbursements. The reimbursed is conditioned on that the documents in the application shows that the ship has been used in accordance with the verified CSI scored during the time for which the application of reimbursed cover and that there has been an attempt to verify the scores before the 1st of January 2018.

The application is to be submitted with a signed letter to or by mail. The SMA will review the submitted documents and will then decide on a case by case basis if the vessel is entitled to reimbursements.

A application of reimbursed shall contain the following;

1. Documents that show the date that the verification has been scheduled or agreed to with an organization that are approved to carry out the verification in accordance wity CSI guidelines and that it could not be carried out before the 1st of January.

2. Documents that shows that the ship has fulfilled the criteria in accordance with the verified scores during the period of the application.

3. The name of the ship, IMO-number, owner and operator

4. Information about and signature from the individual that is submitting the application and are accountable for the accuracy of the submitted information.

5. Swedish wire transfer information so that a reimbursement can be made (PlusGiro or BankGiro account).

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