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Our values

At Verifavia, we believe that the independence of emissions verification providers is paramount to ensure data integrity and to safeguard the credibility of any MRV system. Integrity is one of our core values and critical to the delivery of impartial and trustworthy verification.

Verifavia focuses entirely on its area of expertise – independent carbon emissions verification for the transport sector. With no other vested interests in the maritime sector, we are able to remain entirely independent.

This also enables us to remain fully committed to the delivery of an efficient, flexible and competitive service, partnering with shipowners, operators and managers to help them effectively navigate EU MRV and IMO DCS compliance.

Impartiality statement

We understand that safeguarding the impartiality and independence of our approach is key to protecting our reputation and the credibility of our services.

To achieve this, we implement an Assurance Management System to ensure that:
  • We identify and control the risks associated with the delivery of services, and those related to specific client projects
  • We identify and mitigate any conflict  of interest between Verifavia, its staff  and the clients to whom we provide verification services
  • We provide our clients with a written verification opinion which is recognised and accepted for the relevant regulatory and/or trading schemes
  • We work in partnership with each of our clients  to provide them with the information and services that meet their needs and expectations
  • We use a uniform and consistent approach, across all our audit teams, to the delivery of services
  • We continuously improve the quality of our operations and management control systems, to meet clients, regulators and all stakeholders expectations
As a verification body, Verifavia cannot and does not offer consultancy services or technical assistance to shipping companies.

Complaints and appeals

Verifavia has appropriate procedures in place to manage, evaluate, take necessary corrective actions and make decisions on any complaints and appeals. Verifavia makes publicly available a description of the complaints–handling and appeals–handling procedures upon request.

Please contact us to learn how to file a complaint or an appeal.
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