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COVID-19 - Message from VERIFAVIA CEO

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Dear Customers and Partners,

I hope that you, your colleagues and your families are doing well, and keeping safe despite the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and the unprecedented crisis facing the global trade and economy.

I would like to reassure you that at VERIFAVIA we are all working full time to deliver verification services to you. Our shipping verification teams in France and India remain fully committed and operational to handle your EU MRV and / or IMO DCS verification, answer your queries, and guide you through the compliance process.

If we are preparing your Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), please be aware that we are still working at full speed, preparing VSCPs and completing reports, and still conducting on-board surveys in ports where we employ local surveyors.

We want you to know that throughout the crisis, we are doing our utmost to help you meet your regulatory requirements as efficiently and diligently as possible.

Please take every precaution to keep safe and do not hesitate to reach out to your personal verifier or surveyor, or directly to me in case of any special query, or if you need more information or support.

Thank you.


+33 665 697 489 (Mob), +33 143 227 194 (FR), +44 207 117 2540 (UK), +91 8146063968 (IN), +65 8322 2025 (SG), +1 415 500 9864 (US),
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