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Customers feedback for IHM Maintenance services

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The Verifavia Shipping team is very happy to share the feedback from the clients we served for IHM Maintenance.

We thank all clients for their patience, hard work and trust in making this a success for all of us! 

We enjoyed working with you, and we look forward to continue this fruitful relation!

The Verifavia Shipping Team


'​Extremely satisfied with the IHM Maintenance services offered by Verifavia Shipping. The technical know-how of the required processes and in-depth knowledge of the concerned EU Regulations and IMO Guidelines makes them an industry expert of serious area like IHM.
We appreciate the co-ordination and hard work put by the team which ensures our vessels IHM are always updated and maintained. Also, Hazinvent-M - a niche online platform provided by Verifavia Shipping lets us and our vessels to access the IHM Maintenance status of our vessels at all times.', 
Hartmann Reederei

'We are very pleased with the quality of service you provide. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness, flexibility, and the way you conduct business.
 We recommended Verifavia to other shipping companies looking for a reliable service partners for IHM Maintenance. We look forward to doing business with Verifavia for years to come.',
 Held Shipping

'Sonia confirmed that she appreciates your consistency, clarity and speed in answering our questions. She feels that your processes are well standardized and that regular follow-ups are done.
On my side, I think you are really professional and that you support well the suppliers to comply with this new request.  We appreciate all your help for making sure Transport Desgagnes comply with this regulation that is important to us.', 
Transport Desgagnés Inc

'The IHM Maintenance Service by Verifavia is a perfect and easy solution for your fleet. We are more than happy to have signed the agreement with Verifavia.', GEFO

'I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the high level of services of transparency and accuracy offered by Verifavia team for IHM Maintenance. A tedious task being handled meticulously, well managed and executed with utmost professionalism. Many thanks and we look forward to further fostering this association.', Oltmann Schiffahrts

'We have been working with your company for a whole year. During this time, we have been able to highly appreciate the professionalism of your employees. I would like to note the convenience and informativeness of your electronic version of IHM maintenance. Our Company is grateful to you for your cooperation in solving any issues related to IHM maintenance!', Progressive Marine Technology

'We developed a great partnership with Verifavia and their dedication as regards IHM Certification and Maintenance in all aspects. We appreciate your attention to detail and creative approach bringing Attica Group in full compliance with IHM Regulation. Constant update and feedback. Their support team always on duty and willing to assist.
Would surely recommend Verifavia services to other shipping companies.', 
Attica Group

'On behalf of Unimor Shipping Agency, I whole for you and VERIFAVIA team for their dedicated, professional and IHM Maintenance services.
Your knowledge on the IHM Regulation, speedy responses, clear explanations and awareness of Person in charge are helping us maintain IHM at a high level.
We are very pleased with the service and professionalism that you have provided.
Thank you and look forward to working together on future.', 
Unimor Shipping Agency

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