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> Green Groups Criticise Lack of Shipping Emissions Progress at MEPC69

Green Groups Criticise Lack of Shipping Emissions Progress at MEPC69

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Sustainable transport group Transport & Environment  (T&E), and NGO Seas At Risk, have criticised the shipping industry's lack of progress towards curbing emissions today, as stakeholders were gathered for the 69th session of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)'s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).

With the industry meeting all this week in London, today the topic of shipping emissions and the industry's lack of inclusion in the COP21 global climate agreement was firmly on the agenda, but T&E said by the end of the day, "the IMO could only manage to kick the can down the road to its next meeting in October."

"How extraordinary it is that the IMO can’t agree that the Paris climate deal will require the shipping industry to even assess what it needs to do in response," said T&E shipping director  Bill Hemmings.

The industry had been expected to work on a plan to address what its "fair share" contribution to emissions reduction would be in the context of its omission from last year's COP21 agreement to limit global temperature increases to under 2°C. [...]


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