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> EU MRV Seminar at Verifavia Shipping Hellas New HQ in Voula, Athens

EU MRV Seminar at Verifavia Shipping Hellas New HQ in Voula, Athens

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On Wednesday November 9th 2016, Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) held the first free EU MRV Seminar for the Greek region. The event, the first in the series, was combined with an inauguration party to celebrate the opening of Verifavia Shipping Hellas HQ in Voula. Verifavia Shipping CEO, Mr Julien Dufour and Technical Director, Mr. Nicolas Duchene joined Verifavia Shipping Hellas, Managing Director, Mr. Nikolas Theodorou in hosting the event together with the Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) Team.
During the seminar, experts from Verifavia Shipping and its partners provided overview of the regulation, as well as discussed the latest updates of the EU MRV Regulation (2015/757).
As the newly appointed Team Leader of the EU task force on the Verification of the Emission Report, Mr Dufour, focussed on the steps and strategies required for the development of an EU MRV compliant Monitoring Plan.  

Mr. Nikolas Theodorou, Managing Director - Verifavia Shipping (Hellas), clarified the preparation & compliance process, demystified the prevailing EU-MRV jargon and highlighted the various options available to become MRV-Ready and compliant ahead of the first legal deadline.

Nicolas Duchene, Technical Director - Verifavia Shipping, presented the similarities and differences of the between EU MRV & IMO Data Collection Systems, followed by an interactive Q&A session which encouraged participants to ask any questions relating to the EU MRV Regulation.
Experts from Verifavia Shipping were joined by Mr. George Papaioannou, Project Manager, Dynamarine  who presented the DYNAMARINe’s EU-MRV Solution and Mr. Efthymios Chadeakis, Sr. Strategic Accounts, Setel Hellas who presented the SeeMBox-V© MRV Solution. Both ICT solution systems were recently certified as MRV-READY by Verifavia Shipping Hellas.

Verifavia Shipping Hellas is officially here to serve shipping companies based in the Greek, UK, and Middle East markets. The company seeks to, provide a first class and cost-efficient services that enables owners and operators to successfully comply with the requiremennts of the EU MRV Regulation. 
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