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NEDA Maritime is now ‘MRV Ready’

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Verifavia announced that it has completed a ‘pre-verification GAP-Analysis’ audit for ship operator NEDA Maritime Agency Co. Ltd. Greece-based NEDA is now ‘MRV-ready’ and on course to comply with the requirements of the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Regulation, which came into force on 1 July 2015.
Shipping companies operating in the European Union  have until 2017 to prepare plans to monitor and report their carbon emissions that will see the European Union  collect and make publicly available data for over 10,000 vessels visiting EU ports.
Verifavia Shipping has worked closely with NEDA over a period of three months to collect data, perform calculations, complete emissions report templates and ensure the company closes the gap between the data already collected and what will be required to process and report to be MRV compliant.
The benefit of a ‘pre-verification GAP-Analysis’ is that it can identify compliance and system design issues, enabling correction by ship owners and operators before enforcement begins. As part of the audit, Verifavia Shipping assesses the existing data accounting procedures and systems against the requirements of the Shipping MRV Regulation to identify any potential issues and non-compliance. Verifavia Shipping also reviews each company’s voyages, fuel and cargo data collection, transmission and transformation procedures, and performs detailed analysis of carbon emissions and activity data. [...]


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