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> How to recycle a huge ship – safely and sustainably

How to recycle a huge ship – safely and sustainably

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Shipbreaking is among the most dangerous jobs in the world, according to the International Labor Organization. This is the process of breaking up huge old ships into spare parts. It almost always happens in developing countries and comes with an unacceptably high level of fatalities, injuries and work-related diseases.

In November 2016, 17 people were killed in a series of explosions on an oil tanker at a shipbreaking yard in Gadani, Pakistan. In 2019 alone, it was reported that 26 shipbreakers died in Bangladesh. This is an industry that could be so much safer.

Shipbreaking itself is important and useful. After about 30 years, the structural strength of most ships deteriorates and they become unprofitable to repair and maintain. [...]

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