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Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) Verification

Verification provides independent carbon emissions verification services to containership companies under the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG).


If your company is a member of the CCWG, we can independently verify your submission to the CCWG (CO2 and SOX) against the requirements of the CCWG Carbon Emissions Accounting Methodology

The verification of CCWG data by an independent third-party became mandatory starting from the 2017 data collection process (based on 2016 data) in an effort to guarantee the quality of the  data reported.

CCWG recently updated the verification rules in the Procedure and guidance for verifying the CO2 and SOX emissions data submission (v2.0, September 2016).  Verification must be conducted in accordance with the the ISO 14064-3 standards with the objective to reach a limited level of assurance. The assurance management system in place at Verifavia Shipping is fully aligned with all the requirements of the CCWG verification. The  CCWG verification process can be described as follow:


The verification audit consists in review of documents, analysis of data, interviews, audit trails and observation of key processes and IT systems. Key deliverables include a verification report, a detailed issues log and a verification opinion statement with limited assurance.


Detailed list of items to audit for CCWG

Fuel consumption Number of reefer plugs on the vessel
TEU nominal capacity Reefer consumption per year
CCWG utilization factor Days vessel operated
Distance sailed Carbon calculation clause
VSA, Slot Charter Agreements & Feeder services specific calculations Yearly average vessel utilization per trade lane
TEU conversion factors SOx emissions
TEU standard weight used Brief statement describing procedures
Trade Lane Carbon conversion factor
Carbon emission factors  

Perform CCWG and EU MRV verification at the same time

The CCWG verification audit and the EU MRV verification audit may be carried out at the same time in order to stramline the verification process and increase efficiencies. The observation of processes in place for monitoring, reporting and checking the data (inc. relevant IT systems), the interviews with key staff, the evidences collected, and the data analyses provide useful inputs to both CCWG and EU MRV verification. The table below compares the verification requirements associated to the CCWG and to the EU MRV:

> To request a technical proposal and a quote for CCWG verification, please contact us
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