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EEXI: what Verifavia can do for shipping companies

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Verifavia Shipping is now managing EEXI for several shipping companies worldwide and 150+ ships!

In short, this is what we can do for shipping companies:
  • perform EEXI calculations for your ships using various techniques, e.g., estimate of service speed  (starting simple - interpolation of speed power curves at various draughts, statistical estimates – but also with more advanced techniques such as CFD to provide accurate conclusions regarding EEXI compliance with EPL / ShaPoLi)
  • prepare the EEXI technical file and the EPL management plan until they are approved by the Class
  • develop a roadmap for vessels to navigate from attained to required EEXI
  • continuously share amendments and new techniques that IMO might adopt to calculate the reference speed (Vref) in the upcoming MEPCs, and recalculate EEXI to improve results
Our team of shipping engineers and naval architects are experts in these topics and ready to support shipping companies in accordance with MEPC guidelines and relevant Flag & Class requirements.

For companies that have already performed these calculations, we suggest that we test one of the vessels on a pilot basis to provide further assurance that the correct methods and parameters were used and report potential areas of improvement.

For more information about EEXI:

> visit our EEXI page
> read our Press Release - Verifavia Shipping highlights widespread confusion over EEXI technical parameters.
>  consult the slides of our last EEXI & CII webinar

With regard to CII, we have developed an interactive dashboard for continuous monitoring and compliance based on past and actual performances – more to come soon... Back to all Verifavia Shipping News
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