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> Oldendorff chooses Verifavia for EU MRV verification

Oldendorff chooses Verifavia for EU MRV verification

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Oldendorff Carriers has appointed Verifavia, to verify its fleet of vessels in line with the European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (EU MRV) regulation. The EU MRV services include the assessment of monitoring plans and verification of carbon emission reports, according to the ISO 14065 standard and regulation 757/2015.

Under the 2015-MRV regulation, ship owners and operators of vessels exceeding 5,000 GT and operating in the EU (which corresponds to more than 12,000 vessels visiting EU ports) must prepare and submit their ship-specific monitoring plans to monitor and report carbon emissions, fuel consumption, and associated transport work, up to 31st August 2017. [...]


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