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> Verifavia Shipping certifies the “Liberty performance monitoring and compliance SW”

Verifavia Shipping certifies the “Liberty performance monitoring and compliance SW”

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Early in September 2017, Verifavia Shipping officially certified the “Liberty performance monitoring and compliance solution” in terms of the EU MRV Regulation.

Liberty performance monitoring and compliance solution is a complete operational tool for fleet performance employing KPIs measurements and also automatically detects the EU MRV applicable voyages (or parts of voyages) according to the guidelines of EU Commission while being  in fully accordance with the Regulation as it covers all types of vessels and includes all the possible voluntary fields. For maximum usability, Liberty is certified for all three fuel related out if the four available monitoring methods thus allowing our clients across the board to select their method of preference at their convenience.

Implemented on 1st July 2015, the shipping MRV regulation is now a pressing reality for more than 12,000 vessels visiting EU ports, with the first regulatory deadline of 31st August 2017 having just passed. Ship owners and operators of vessels exceeding 5,000 GT and operating in the EU now have until Dec 31st, 2017 for their ship-specific Monitoring Plans to be Assessed by an Accredited Verifier in order to be able to monitor and report carbon emissions, fuel consumption, and associated transport work as of Jan 1st, 2018. [...]


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