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> Emissions monitoring: the continuous approach

Emissions monitoring: the continuous approach

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As ship operators and regulators struggle with compliance and enforcement of emissions regulations, technology enabling continuous monitoring may be the answer, writes Chris Daw, managing director, Parker Kittiwake Procal .

As increasingly stringent global emissions regulations continue to evolve, the reduction of SO2, CO2 and NOx emissions will challenge growing numbers of stakeholders across the global shipping industry. Whichever compliance solution is employed in order to reduce emissions, the importance of monitoring emissions gases continually is paramount in order to avoid costly penalties for non-compliance. Proven, efficient and accurate analysers are readily available which enable continuous monitoring, on-board and in real time, to ensure that the compliance solution employed is operational and effective. Continuous emissions monitoring technology has the ability simplify reporting while at the same time enabling a level playing field when it comes to compliance. [...]


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