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ABS Consulting & Verifavia Shipping to Deliver Turnkey IHM Solution

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ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting), a global risk management consulting company, has partnered with Verifavia Shipping, the leading independent global provider of carbon emissions verification and Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) services, to offer a turnkey solution for IHM compliance that supports continuous monitoring and annual maintenance of the inventory of hazardous materials onboard vessels. 

Verifavia’s IHM Maintenance Dashboard supports efficient and continuous maintenance of IHM reports. The digital system ensures the IHM can be updated accurately, effectively and in real-time to comply with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR), as well as its ongoing maintenance requirements.
“Our consultants work closely with clients to form a complete plan to demonstrate IHM compliance,” says Brian Weaver, Vice President of Risk and Reliability at ABS Consulting. “Sustaining the plan for annual IHM reporting requires critical follow-up on asset purchases to verify all hazardous materials are being tracked appropriately. Verifavia maintains all the follow-up so the client doesn’t have to. Our partnership with Verifavia gives our clients the confidence and ability to successfully maintain the plan over time.”
Verifavia’s online 3 Way “Plug and Play” IHM Maintenance platform is one of the industry’s first, providing shipowners, superintendents, vessels and even Port State Control (PSC) and Class with live access to the IHM maintenance status of the vessel. The platform can be connected to any procurement system, as well as the suppliers' data systems where the data is automatically and continuously updated. The platform can automatically generate monthly or ad-hoc IHM maintenance reports to demonstrate implementation and compliance with regulations and greatly enhances vessel preparation for PSC inspections.
Yuvraj Thakur, VP Commercial of Verifavia Shipping, says: “Our dashboard is maintained by one of world’s largest in-house team of hazmat experts who are all marine engineers or naval architects with expertise in PSC, International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EMSA regulations. We are excited to work with the risk experts at ABS Consulting to confirm their clients’ IHM plans are updated and have a live view of what is onboard with just a click of a few buttons.” 


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