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Verifavia's Inventory of Hazardous Materials USPs

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Verifavia Shipping provides Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) preparation services to shipping companies across the globe. The hazmat expert team of Verifavia is composed of experienced marine engineers and ex-seafarers form India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, France, Panama and Turkey, who are trained to deliver the highest quality of IHM Report.
Verifavia is committed as an independent and impartial body that uses independent accredited laboratories through the process to uphold the impartiality.

Underpinning our motivation in maintaining a flexible and competitive approach to best meet the requirements of our customers, we adapt an approach based on current market conditions to ensure that the needs of our customers are fully met at all times. We are an agile organization that responds quickly to all inquiries, with dedicated expertise readily available to support customers whenever and wherever required across the globe.

Verifavia's IHM USPs

1. Verifavia has a hazmat team of 25 hazmat experts, including 12 in-house hazmat experts, who are conducting on-board surveys every day in various parts of Europe, India, Singapore and China. With the well-established network and large hazmat team, Verifavia can easily schedule an on-board survey and dispatch the hazmat experts to any part of the globe even at the nick of time.

2. In order to streamline the process and provide its clients with a top quality IHM report, Verifavia uses two applications- Nautilus Log and Hazinvent for the preparation of VSCPs, which guide the conduct of on-board surveys and preparation of IHM report. Kindly note that the cost of the app is included in the quotation provided to our clients.

3. Verifavia makes use of various independent accredited laboratories to test the collected samples - including labs in India, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

4. Verifavia's quality system is structured to comply with the requirements of ISO 17020 and ISO 9001 standards, as well as the EMSA and IMO MEPC guidelines. Strict implementation of quality control procedure is executed at all stages of the process to ensure utmost quality in our output.

5. Verifavia is an approved IHM Service Provider by 6 major IACS members including DNV GL, KR, LR, RINA, IRS and ABS, and are in the process of being approved by BV as well as a leading flag state, LISCR. We can also work on ClassNK ships.

6. We currently have 520+ships under IHM contract from 26 worldwide shipping companies, including OSM, Grindrod, Tamar Ship management, Zeaborn, Vinnen, BF Management, Epic Gaz, Fairmont, Fareast, Northstar, Wallem, Auerbach, Attica Group, etc ...

7. For easier budgeting and complete peace of mind, our quotation includes travel and accommodation expenses in all main ports of China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Sri Lanka, and EU.

8. To gather a better understanding of our work, request an IHM Report by clicking here . You will be seeing a state-of-art 228-page Inventory of Hazardous Materials report! This is the quality that we at Verifavia deliver to our clients.

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