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> Anger and confusion as many aircraft operators fail to understand 'stop the clock' or open vital registry accounts

Anger and confusion as many aircraft operators fail to understand 'stop the clock' or open vital registry accounts

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[...] Julien Dufour, CEO of VerifAvia, which is currently verifying around 500 operators reporting to 24 different EU competent authorities (CAs), reports he has received numerous emails and calls from operators confused and frustrated over the issue. Apart from a few authorities, he said there is a general lack of information and advice over both 'stop the clock' and registry accounts. He added there was one CA who he had been unable to contact by either phone or email for five months.

"Most operators still do not have an open registry account and many of them do not know or do not understand that they have to open a registry account," he said. "There is a major difference of treatment between operators reporting to the UK and Germany, who receive regular updates about the EU ETS in general and about the requirement to open a registry account in particular, and operators reporting to other member states. It appears that some CAs have not even informed their operators of the need to open a registry account."

Apart from the misunderstandings, Dufour said there were other issues that particularly affected smaller operators. Because of the detailed personal, financial and company background information required to open an account, privacy and confidentiality were major concerns to many business jet operators, with some threatening not to comply. He also reports the disparity in the cost of opening a registry account. Although the process is free of charge in most EU member states, Dufour cites a complaint by one operator that needs to surrender allowances to cover 14 tonnes of CO2 – a value at the current price of carbon of around €70 ($90) – but was being charged €3,460 ($4,500) by the French national registry administrator to open an account. Similarly, the subsistence fees charged by the UK Environment Agency are of a similar level. [...]

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