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> Connie Hedegaard fighting for her CO2 proposal

Connie Hedegaard fighting for her CO2 proposal

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Time is running out for the EU Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, who had to watch as the EU Commission's so-called MRV proposal was chewed and swallowed by the European Parliament last week, before the proposal returned bearing several significant changes.

MRV (Measure, Register, and Verify) is the EU Commission's proposal for a scheme whereby shipping can monitor how much CO2 each individual ship emits. But a majority in the Environmental Committee - which has treated the Commission's proposal - feels that the proposal should be put together differently. Specifically, the Committee wants the scheme to cover ships of more than 400 BT, registering their emissions, as opposed to the EU Commission, which wants to set the limit at 5,000 BT, thus requiring CO2 measurements from fewer ships.


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