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What EU MRV plan requires

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SQE MARINE Consulting company provides an overview of the Regulations for the CO2 emissions from international shipping as set by IMO and EU and explains what a EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Plan requires.


IMO and EU have set a CO2 Emissions Data collection, monitoring and reporting requirements in order to verify and measure the footprint of such emissions. Both requirements are addressed to vessels greater than 5000 GT. IMO’s approach is based on “data collection” as applied to ship fuel consumption and possibly other parameters. The system will have three main elements:

Data collection by ships

Flag State functions (data verification and submission) and
Establishment of a centralized database by the IMO and annual submissions.

EU issued REGULATION (EU) 2015/757 which provides guidance on data collection, monitoring, verification and reporting, mostly known as EU MRV regulation. EU plan of action is a phased approach to regulating CO2 emissions as follows:
  • Phase 1: Establish an agreed global energy efficiency standard as part of the IMO regulatory framework.
  • Phase 2: Implement an MRV scheme to establish the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from international shipping, preferably within the IMO framework.
  • Phase 3: Identify whether the efficiency standards are achieving the EU’s desired absolute CO2 emissions reductions from shipping, and if not, determine what else should be done. 
Requirements – Time Table

Both Organizations require from shipping Companies to establish a monitoring and data collection system, in order to provide reports on an annual basis, for measuring the quantity of CO2 emissions on their fleet. IMO has not set a time line yet, or a specific procedure so EU is the only legislator who has set specific requirements for procedure. EU MRV Regulation time table is as follows:

IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee on October 28th amended chapter 4 of annex VI of MARPOL, adding a new Regulation 22A on Collection and reporting of ship fuel oil consumption data and new appendices covering Information to be submitted to the IMO Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Database. These amendments are expected to enter into force on 1 March 2018, under the tacit acceptance procedure. [...]


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