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EU MRV Regulation - October 2017 Newsletter

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Verifavia certifies VAF Instrument's IVY® System for EU MRV use


Verifavia announced this week that it has fully certified VAF Instrument's IVY® Propulsion Performance Management system against the European Union’s (EU) Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation requirements.  
The award-winning IVY® system has been designed to automatically monitor and report voyages, thereby significantly streamlining the compliance process for both the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations. In addition, fleet managers, shipowners, and operators will receive useful insights into the performance of a ship’s hull, its propeller, and engine, which can be translated into savings on their vessel operations.


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We4Sea certified for EU-MRV emission monitoring for Ships by Verifavia Shipping


We4Sea’s recently launched MRV software module has received EU MRV certification by Verifavia, in recognition of the software’s capability to support ship owners and operators in complying with the regulation. Verifavia’s team of expert auditors reviewed the module against the requirements of the EU MRV Regulation (2015/757), in terms of process and functionality, and found it to be fully compliant.

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 EU MRV meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on October 18th 


Verifavia Shipping and Ortech Marine in partnership with the Turkish Chamber of Shipping, invites you to participate in an EU MRV seminar to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on Wednesday, October 18th October, 2017, from 14:10 to 15:10 hrs.

Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping and Ömür Karatas, CEO, Ortech Marine will address Turkish-based shipping companies on the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations. The presentation will aim to provide delegates with an overview and regulatory update on both regulations. Julien will also provide clarity on the similarities and differences of the two regulations, and how best to achieve timely and cost-effective compliance.


Verifavia Shipping EU MRV verifier of choice for Campbell Shipping Company


Campbell Shipping Company Ltd, the largest Owner/Operators of dry bulk carriers in the Bahamas, recently announced that it has appointed Verifavia to verify its fleet of vessels in line with the European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting, and verification (EU MRV) regulation.
Verifavia Shipping will provide EU MRV services to Campbell Shipping, including the assessment of monitoring plans and verification of carbon emission reports according to the ISO 14065 standard and regulation 757/2015. [...]

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European Commission opens public consultation on the revision of the policy on monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport


Following recent developments relating to the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations, the European Commission (EC) has opened a public consultation over plans to align the two regulations. The EC is inviting contributions from all citizens and organisations, with particular input sought from stakeholders that are actively involved in tackling emissions from maritime transport, the EU, and worldwide. 

In this context, a stakeholder consultation will ensure that all relevant parties are given the opportunity to express their opinions and to contribute to the analysis on the effectiveness and potential impacts of such alignment, which if successful would result in a legislative proposal to amend the EU MRV regulation accordingly in 2018.

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