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> The Shipping GHG Emission Talks @ MEPC 69 – Member State Feedback

The Shipping GHG Emission Talks @ MEPC 69 – Member State Feedback

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[...] In summary the discussions that took place through “Item 7: REDUCTION OF GHG EMISSIONS FROM SHIPS” surmounted in majority agreement that the adoption of data collection system is of high priority.  Also that a 3 step process of data collection, analysis and decision-making is vital. The majority of Members States supported the development of work plan and also the development of a definition for “Shipping’s Fair Share” for international shipping to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions.

The details of the work plan will be further considered at MEPC 70 with establishment of working group using all docs from this session and further proposals for analysis.

The official papers that were submitted to MEPC 69 under this agenda Item 7: REDUCTION OF GHG EMISSIONS FROM SHIPS  were:

7.Outcomes of the United Nations Climate Change Conferences held in Bonn in June, August and October 2015 and Paris in December 2015 – by the Secretariat 

The UNFCC gave an introduction to the Committee and proceeded to discuss the outcomes of the about the COP21 Paris conference in December 2015 and the next steps for the maritime transportation sector. The main outcome reported is that IMO has been invited to report to future sessions on work relevant to emissions from fuel used for maritime transport.

7/1.  Proposal to develop an “Intended IMO Determined Contribution” on CO2 reduction for international shipping – submitted by the International Chamber of Shipping

In this submission, ICS proposed the development of an Intended IMO Determined Contribution (IIDC) on CO2 reduction for the International Shipping Sector taking into full account the agreement reached at the COP 21 meeting in Paris.  

7/2. International shipping’s share in international efforts to limit the rise of global average temperature – submitted by Belgium, France, Germany, the Marshall Islands, Morocco and Solomon Islands 

The Co-sponsors proposed that a work plan should be developed to develop a definition of what is meant by a “fair share” for international shipping to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions. A proposed draft work plan is provided in the annex to this submission. The proposed timescale aims for completion at MEPC 72 in spring 2018.  

7/3. An appropriate IMO response to the Paris Agreement – Submitted by the Clean Shipping Coalition

The Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC) provided comment on four areas where it considers that further progress is needed at IMO in response to the November 2015 COP 21 meeting in Paris. 

Shipping’s Fair Share: CSC called for the industry to decarbonise and for incentives to be put in place to achieve this. 

Global MRV: CSC argued for the inclusion of detailed cargo information, which IMO has agreed is not necessary. 

EEDI Phase 2 Requirements: CSC contended that the EEDI requirements should be made more demanding. 

Measures For Existing Ships: CSC contended that the development of new measures should proceed in parallel with data collection.   

7/4. Establishing a process for considering shipping’s appropriate contribution to reducing CO2 emissions – submitted by World Shipping Council, CLIA, INTERTANKO and IPTA 

The co-sponsors of this paper broadly agreed that a work plan should be developed to develop a clear understanding of what should be the long term carbon objective for international shipping. This paper also proposed that in order to provide accurate information on actual consumption to inform a sound carbon policy it is necessary to finalise and adopt the IMO data collection system.  

What the UNFCCC Said:

During their introduction, the UNFCCC stated that “Aviation and shipping must contribute and rapidly reduce emissions to move towards ‘climate neutral development’ by the end of the century”.

The IMO Secretary General, My Ki Tack Lim expressed that he hopes there to be more balanced development and progress in the shipping industry based on the Paris Agreement.  Lim stated that he is looking forward to outcome of UN signing event tomorrow, saying that “This will be another stepping stone” in progress – for the IMO to do their best for climate change issues.” [...]


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