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Verifavia and SFC’s CAS - A Symbiotic Partnership for Sustainable Freight Solutions

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The transport sector faces significant challenges in GHG emissions. Recognizing and encouraging efforts to manage and decrease emissions is crucial for sustainability. However, the risk of greenwashing looms large. In response, the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) has introduced a Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) to independently verify and validate GHG emission statements for transport chains. 

SFC's Trailblazing Leadership in Global Freight Sustainability 

SFC's visionary approach extends to diverse initiatives, including the transition from the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework to the ISO 14083 standards. Their innovative programs such as the SFC "Book & Claim Community," engagement in "Clean Cargo," upcoming ventures like the "SFC Air Transport Community," and the establishment of the "SFC Exchange Network" and the "Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance" demonstrate their commitment to comprehensive sustainability solutions. Internationally recognized as the leader in global climate NGOs, SFC focuses on aligning shippers and Logistics Service Providers (LSP) for effective decarbonization. 

Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) - Driving Sustainable Transport 

SFC's Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) stands as a pivotal instrument in the commitment to reducing GHG emissions. The CAS provides a global framework for independent verification of GHG emissions, aligning with ISO standards and incorporating SFC-specific criteria. The scheme includes optional performance levels for reporters, creating a consistent approach to verification across all stakeholders. 

Beyond verification, SFC CAS aims to recognize and encourage efforts in disclosing, managing, and reducing GHG emissions. It establishes a reliable database for reporters to showcase compliance with key standards, shares tools for emissions reporting, offers high-quality training, and sets clear rules for GHG verification in the transport sector. 

Verifavia: Spearheading Excellence in Verification 

Verifavia, an independent environmental verification body, is at the forefront of sustainability in aviation, airports, and maritime transport. Verifavia offers comprehensive verification, certification, and auditing services globally, and now proudly stands as the first to be approved under the SFC CAS. 

Verifavia is your trusted partner for comprehensive and globally recognized verification services to navigate your decarbonization journey. Please contact us for further information.

- Nilay Warkhedkar, Environmental Emission Analyst Back to all Verifavia Shipping News
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