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> EU Commission starts work on MRV implementation to reduce CO2 emissions

EU Commission starts work on MRV implementation to reduce CO2 emissions

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The EU Regulation on the monitoring, reporting and verification of Carbon Dioxide emissions from maritime transport came into force on 1 July 2015. To ensure uniform implementation of the regulation, the Commission has established two Subgroups that will look at the monitoring, verification and accreditation processes. The first meeting of the two subgroups, chaired by the European Commission and composed by experts coming from different backgrounds including industry, consultants, academia and Member States, held their inaugural meeting in Brussels on 7th and 8th July. 

The MRV verification and accreditation subgroup held lively and productive discussions, with industry representatives, including the UK Chamber, raising a number of substantial issues with respect to the concept papers presented. In particular, the subgroup considered development of specific rules for the competencies of the verifiers, the assessment of the conformity of the monitoring plan and annual emission report by the verifier and methods of accreditation of verifiers. [...]

UK Chamber of Shipping

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