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> Verifavia nears significant milestone: Providing IHM maintenance for 2000 vessels

Verifavia nears significant milestone: Providing IHM maintenance for 2000 vessels

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In 2019, Verifavia Shipping developed capabilities to prepare Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for ships subject to the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) and the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. Yuvraj Thakur, Commercial VP and Siddharth Ahluwalia, IHM Manager at Verifavia Shipping share some highlights over the last two years since the IHM offering was launched


Market Feedback

Launching a new service line seemed daunting at first. However we knew we had the expertise and approach to make it successful. And as an organization with significant market share in other environmental services including EU MRV and IMO DCS, we had every confidence that our clients recognize the value that Verifavia delivers. 

Developing the system took a team of experts meticulous planning. Verifavia’s IHM services involve a process of document collection, onboard sampling check, and laboratory analysis, which is then developed into a report and shared with the class society for final onboard cross-checking and certification. This process enables the identification of any hazardous materials that need to be removed when preparing the ship for recycling.

Looking back, as a team we are very proud of our achievements. To date, we have conducted approximately 900 IHM surveys using state of the art technology and innovative tools to ensure a smooth process. With a well-managed, lean structure, we executed and achieved what was unthinkable at the start - all in a matter of just two and a half years!

We have emerged as the world’s most accredited IHM company with eight classification societies and two Flag State accreditations. We pride ourselves on our un-paralleled expertise on the topic with a transparent methodology and approach.

Such a monumental achievement could not have been possible without the trust bestowed by our clients - more than 90 companies from 40 different countries have used our services. We are proud that we continue to have repeat customers, demonstrating the reliability of our services, as well as the value in our ethics, professional attitude and proactive approach. We continue to receive humbling feedback from our clients, which you will soon be able to read.

The importance of IHM Maintenance

Despite the  pandemic in 2020, we continued to deliver results without compromising the quality and transparency for which we are known. We employed local IHM experts around the world to ensure shipowners had access to local knowledge and experience without the need for international travel, adapting our services to meet demand.

We will soon celebrate the milestone of reaching 2,000 vessels under IHM Maintenance contract, with close to 50,000 POs processed and 90% vessel certificates issued monthly. We have converted 70% of our potential customers to ongoing clients, to whom we have demonstrated our IHM-Maintenance 3-Way Plug and Play platform.

Our IHM Maintenance Dashboard ensures efficient and continuous maintenance of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) reports. It is the industry’s first online platform providing shipowners, superintendents, vessels and even Port State Control (PSC) and Class with live access to the IHM maintenance status of the vessel. The dashboard can be connected to any procurement system, as well as the suppliers' data portal, and is hosted on Hazinvent-M; the tool Verifavia uses to conduct IHM surveys where the data is automatically and continuously updated. The system can automatically generate monthly or ad-hoc IHM maintenance reports to demonstrate implementation and compliance with regulations, and ensures vessels are prepared for PSC inspections.

Supplier’s Dashboard

Innovation is in our DNA, and we keep streamlining our processes and procedures to maintain our reputation for quality, independent, efficient service. Coming from the world’s largest ship recycling hub – a country with many  internal challenges – we are motivated to support positive progress.

As our latest offering, we have launched – ‘A Supplier’s Dashboard’ that helps suppliers create MDs and SDOCs which are necessary to comply with the regulatory requirements. The supplier dashboard is a free service for suppliers that use our platform via clients and a paid service for those suppliers who want a customized dashboard to manage large order volumes.

We aim to ease the burden generally associated with this new requirement and  are determined to go the “extra mile”,  supporting suppliers to understand and adhere to the regulatory requirements with a simple and systematic approach.

Through our in-depth understanding of multiple legislative requirements and independent, efficient approach, we are committed to supporting the shipping industry in meeting its environmental commitments for a more sustainable future.

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- Yuvraj Thakur, Commercial VP
- Siddharth Ahluwalia, IHM Manager

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