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MRV & IMO DCS Verification services offered by Verifavia Shipping

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With more than 11 years of experience as the world’s leading independent verifiers for aviation and shipping industry. Verifavia Shipping understands the importance and value of reporting accurate emissions, by virtue of which we have successfully completed EU MRV & IMO DCS verifications of more than 2000 ships for the reporting year 2021 for over 250 shipping clients across the globe with aggregated 31 million tonnes of CO2 verified for MRV alone in 2018,2019 and 2020 reporting periods.

Verifavia Shipping is the world's first and only accredited verifier subcontracted IMO DCS by the Liberia and Panama Flag state administrations. With our collaboration with KR and RINA, we can verify the IMO DCS fuel oil data for almost all the flag states worldwide.

We have also extended the MRV verification services to UK MRV regime, with more than 900 UK MP assessments already done. Our clients are ready to comply with the new reporting scheme for which data collection has started in 2022 and will be verified in Q1 2023.

Verifavia Shipping, every year takes the initiative to provide partial MRV verification services to the clients with no extra charges. An audit preparation letter is sent for partial verification of reports to our clients during the 4th quarter of the year, where data for the first three quarters is requested and based on preliminary analysis of the data, feedback consisting of issue log and sampling plan is provided to the operator, which has numerous benefits that are listed below:
  • Efficient and timely compliance well before the deadline.
  • Reporting of accurate emissions.
  • Completion of sampling process within the same reporting period.
  • Reduced burden on operators with early feedback and hassle-free verification.
In a nutshell, partial verification along with virtual site visit gives us enough understanding and time to help the operators identify and mitigate their inherent and control risks which ensures complete and relevant emissions are reported improving the overall data quality and providing the operators more clarity on the geographical scope for EU and UK MRV regimes and helping them avoid duplication of voyages in both EU and UK MRV regime.

As soon as the reporting period end, we at Verifavia will request operators to submit the remaining emissions data and the whole data is then again cross-checked against the various KPIs at voyage and ship level. Hence minimizing the risk of submission of inaccurate reports to the commission.

To further improve our processes and automate the flow of emissions data we are in the process of linking the operator’s database via API to our verification dashboard which will help operators meet the regulatory deadline with reduced email exchanges.
Verifavia Shipping has also contributed and provided insights to UK-based software development firms in their efforts towards the research and development phase of the UK MRV digital reporting platform while liaising with the Department of transport of the U.K.
With the quality of verification services provided within a given timeframe and efficient cooperation from operators, Verifavia Shipping continues to be the world’s number one independent emissions verifier. In the coming years, when market-based measures enter into force, relevant, complete, consistent and accurate reporting and verification of CO2 emissions are extremely important which is possible if you choose Verifavia Shipping as your independent emissions verifier and utilizing the abundant experience of our auditors with the high level of knowledge in the domain.

The trust clients have shown, and their words of appreciation keep us motivated to serve even better and continuous improvement is what we believe in.

Please click here to read the operator’s feedback post the 2021 verification period.

- Ashish Kadam, ​EU MRV / IMO DCS Auditor Back to all Verifavia Shipping News
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