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New platform enables MRV compliance

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ABB announced that its MRV module has been certified by the independent certifier Verifavia, as a tool to monitor all parameters to comply with the EU’s MRV regulation requirements. The system follows requirements set out in Regulation, the associated Delegated and Implementing Acts and the ISO IEC 25051 standard on software.

As a standardized MRV compliant software platform, the ABB module collects and visualizes data from onboard sensors on a ship’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions on a per-voyage basis. This information is then used to create an annual emission report, as required by the MRV regulation, coming into force on 1st of January 2018, for ships above 5000 gross tons calling at European ports, irrespective of where the ship or the company is registered.

The MRV module is one of many components of ABB’s digital marine application, which is part of the ABB AbilityTM platform, enabling operators to turn data insights into direct actions to enhance performance. [...]


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