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Navis Emissions Software Receives Global Certification

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Navis, a provider of vessel performance solutions, has announced that the dedicated emission compliance-modules of its Bluetracker One software have been awarded certification by Verifavia.

As the emissions verification company for the transport sector, Verifavia has confirmed that both EU MRV and IMO Data Collection System (DCS) modules are fully compliant with industry requirements.

The certification process, according to a statement, involved a deep analysis of Navis data, as well as a comprehensive survey of the Bluetracker engineering team.

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The results of the assessment showed that Navis has designed a safe software solution to assist ship operators in aggregating operational vessel performance data, which can be used to create annual emission reports in accordance with EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations.

The emissions reports generated by Bluetracker feature incoming operational data which is continuously validated in real-time, ensuring plausibility, consistency and completeness.

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In addition to this, Bluetracker MRV and IMO DCS modules can also be combined with other reporting solutions in which the data is exchanged by an API interface.

Verifavia also certified that both modules are compliant with software engineering standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Martin Bardi, Vice President Global Sales at XVELA and Head of Navis’ maritime unit Carrier & Vessel Solutions, said: “With Verifavia certification, the Bluetracker system has once again demonstrated its compliance, which has also been confirmed by our customers who have successfully started the verifying process of the ship-specific annual emission reports in accordance with the EU MRV regulations.”

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