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Interferry-Led Group Developing Recommendation for Ro-Pax MRV Solution

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Interferry announced Friday in an emailed press release that it is leading a special correspondence group intended to recommend a sector-specific metric for roll-on passenger (ro-pax) vessels that are subject to pending legislation from the European Union (EU) for the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions.

The group is said to have been created as a response to assertions of ro-pax operators that mixed cargoes require a more appropriate metric than is offered by current proposals.

"Developing suitable metrics for the transport work of ro-pax ships is particularly complicated, so we are delighted to have this opportunity of driving the search for a workable solution," says Johan Roos, Interferry's regulatory affairs director.

"Within a week of our call for correspondence group members, the response was extremely encouraging and any further members will be very welcome in order to ensure the widest possible input."

Interferry says the group is said to be chaired DFDS, coordinated by Poul Woodall, environment and sustainability director for DFDS, and will include representatives from national shipowners' associations, ferry companies, as well as state authorities. [...]


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