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> Shipowners need to prepare for carbon emissions monitoring: Verifavia

Shipowners need to prepare for carbon emissions monitoring: Verifavia

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[...] According to Dufour, the EU MRV was more robust. Under EU MRV, individual ship data will be made publicly available whereas under the IMO MRV, ship data though published, will not be traceable to any individual ship.

The EU MRV considers the actual amount of cargo on board whereas the IMO regulations takes the designed deadweight tonnage as a proxy for cargo volume, making determination of energy efficiency parameters less accurate.

Independent data verification will also likely be enforced more strictly as it will be monitored by the EU’s National Accreditation Bodies while IMO’s MRV implementation will be the responsibility of flag states, said Dufour.

Among the multiplicity of regulations that will come into force in coming years, it was imperative that shipping companies do not get distracted from the fact the deadline for submitting monitoring plans is just round the corner and shipowners and operators need to be ready for this change, Dufour said.

Verifavia is an independent Paris-based environmental verification, certification and auditing body for the aviation, airports and maritime transport sectors. [...]


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