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Clean Shipping Index (CSI) 2022 Updates

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In January 2021, IVL the Swedish Environmental Research Institute took over the management of the Clean Shipping Index. During 2021, significant effort was put in to ensure a better service for shipping companies and the users of the data.

CSI has been developed with the following updates and features:
• New criteria for CSI
• Improved routine for CO2 and SOX/PM update
New website launched in October 
• Agreements and routines developed during the year
• Contacts with users, stakeholders, verifiers, new users, other indexes
• Planning of new projects during the coming year

Click on the link below for important information about new criteria in the CSI, how to report data to the CSI, and of the annual verification routine of SOX/PM and CO2 performance data.
Click on the link below to download the new CSI Methodology & Reporting guidelines published in 2020, and the new CSI Verification Guidelines 2022.
We remind that Verifavia Shipping is accredited for CSI, and we can perform (entirely remotely, without the need to go on-board):

> initial CSI verification of your ships
> CSI re-verification
> annual verification of SOX/PM and CO2 performance data

If your company and vessels wish to showcase your environmental conscience, we are your right partner to  help you get substantial port discounts, while reducing the environmental impact of your ships thanks to our other environmental services (EEXI & CII)!

> Read more about CSI
> Read more about our CSI verification services
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