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Parliament, Commission and Council start trilogue on Shipping MRV

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Today at a meeting at the European Parliament, it was decided to open interinstitutional negotiations (pursuant to Rule 74). This means that the three European institutions - Parliament, Commission and Council - will sit together and negotiate with the objective to find a compromise on the Shipping MRV regulation (Monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport and amendment of Regulation (EU) No 525/2013). This process is also called 'trilogue'.

The text that will be used as basis for the discussions is the Parliament text that was voted in Plenary session in April 2014. The European Council has not voiced its opinion yet, which is expected soon.

The schedule of the next steps of the legislative process is as follows:
- October 2014: first trilogue meeting
- November 2014: second trilogue meeting
- December 2014: environmental Council
- 2015: early second reading at Plenary
- Augst 2015: entry into force
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