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> SetelHellas gains certification for SeeMBox-V MRV

SetelHellas gains certification for SeeMBox-V MRV

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SetelHellas has gained certification from Verifavia, one of the leading emissions verification companies, for its ship emission monitoring, reporting and verification solution SeeMBox-V. Verifavia certified this solution against the EU’s upcoming Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation requirements.

Shipping companies operating in the EU have until 2017 to prepare plans to monitor and report their carbon emissions. For this market, SetelHellas developed the SeeMBox-V MRV solution that will assist shipping companies in complying with the regulations. It assists in aggregating the data that can then be reported and verified.

There are four acceptable fuel consumption monitoring methodologies for the MRV regulations. Owners can use bunker fuel delivery notes, periodic stocktakes of fuel tanks, bunker fuel tank monitoring or flow meters. SeeMBox-V MRV can assist with each of these methodologies. It enables shipowners to monitor all vessel types within the fleet with a single integrated tool. It accommodates both manual and online data entry to monitor operational data per voyage, conduct data quality checks and validations, and generate annual reports on a per vessel basis.

SetelHellas managing director George Marinakis said the MRV regulations will be a challenge for shipowners and could affect operations on more than 10,000 ships. He added that innovative ICT solutions are emerging for auditing purposes. But it is essential that they are fully certified to support monitoring and reporting that satisfies compliance requirements. [...]


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