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Shipping companies prepare to monitor CO2 emissions

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[...] The EU sees MRV Regulation as a first step towards cutting CO2 emissions from ships. Beginning in 2018, operators of ships exceeding 5,000 gross tonnes (GT) will be required to monitor, report and submit their independently verified carbon emissions on all voyages to, from and between EU ports.

The shipping companies that have appointed Verifavia are DFDS Seaways, Euronav Ship Management, NEDA Maritime Agency, Seaspan Ship Management andSynergy Maritime.

"The benefit of the pre-verification gap analysis is that, if carried out early, it can identify any compliance and system design issues, enabling correction by the shipping company in a timely manner," said Dufour.

Poul Woodall, Director, Environment and Sustainability, DFDS Seaways, said: "MRV regulation is new and therefore unfamiliar, so we are grateful to Verifavia Shipping for conducting our compliance review. [...]


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