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> Verifavia Shipping expends its certification services to IMO DCS and THETIS MRV

Verifavia Shipping expends its certification services to IMO DCS and THETIS MRV

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Since the EU MRV Regulation came into force in 2015, Verifavia Shipping has certified or is in process of completing the certification of 23 IT solutions developed by ICT suppliers to facilitate the collection of fuel data and the creation of emissions reports. This makes Verifavia Shipping the world's leading independent provider of certification services for IT systems for shipping emissions compliance regulations.

Now that the IMO DCS Regulation is in force, and the legal requirements are known, Verifavia has expanded its capabilities to include certification of IT solutions for compliance with the IMO DCS requirements (MARPOL Annex VI, Regulation 22A). For IT systems that are already in line with the requirements of the EU MRV Regulation, it is an easy step to extend the scope of the system to cover the requirements of the IMO DCS.
The main differences between EU MRV and IMO DCS from an IT perspective are as follows:
  • unlike with the EU MRV, cargo on-board shall not be monitored under the IMO DCS
  • whereas EU MRV covers only voyages to, from and within the EEA, all voyages worldwide shall be reported under the IMO DCS
  • whereas per-voyage data has to be monitored under the EU MRV, only fuel consumption per period (e.g. daily) has to be monitored under the IMO DCS
  • the definition of hours underway under IMO DCS is slightly different from the definition of time at sea under EU MRV
  • fuel consumption at port does not have to be monitored separately under the IMO DCS
Verifavia Shipping also proposes the certification of EU MRV solutions for compatibility with THETIS MRV. Indeed the EU MRV data – either aggregated or on a per voyage basis – will need to be uploaded into THETIS MRV in the first quarter of 2019 by the shipping company in order to ensure compliance with the EU MRV Regulation. The uploaded data will then need to be validated the verifier, before being submitted online by the shipping company to the European Commission and the respective Flag administration. A specific XML format has been defined for import into THETIS MRV.

When certifying an EU MRV solution for compatibility with THETIS MRV, Verifavia Shipping will confirm that the export is as per THETIS MRV format. The details of the XSD schema files to generate XML files in compliance with THETIS MRV format are publicly available. A mix of the following files is expected to be uploaded into THETIS MRV:
  • port-emissions-v1.1.xsd : Emissions in port for a single ship
  • voyage-emissions-v1.1.xsd : Voyages emissions for a single ship
  • emissions-v1.1.xsd : Voyages, In port and Annual emission for a maximum of 25 ships
  • emission-reports-v1.1.xsd : Emission Reports for a maximum of 25 ships
> Learn more about the IMO DCS
> Learn more about our EU MRV and IMO DCS certification services
> Learn more about THETIS MRV data format (see item 3 of the EMSA THETIS FAQ)

Please contact us for any questions about the EU MRV or about the IMO DCS requirements, or if you wish to know more about our certification services.

IT solutions certified by Verifavia Shipping as of 15 May 2018 are: ABB OCTOPUS-Onboard, COACH Performance Management, DANAOS MRV, Dynamarine E-mission Monitoring, Enerforce Liberty Suite, Hoglund Marine Automation MRV Solution, Krohne EcoMATE® MRV, Kyma KSP Office Web - EU MRV Module, Maroka On-board & Marorka Reporting, Meteogroup FleetGuard, Setel Hellas SeeMBox-V MRV Solution, Spectec AMOS MRV Solution, Stormgeo Fleet DSS, Tres Solutions Tres Vessel Analytics, VAF Instruments IVY®, Veson Veslink, Viswalab VEEMS Office, We4sea We4Sea Dashboard - MRV module, and XShip. 

IT solutions in final stage of certification by Verifavia Shipping as of 15 May 2018 are: BassnetTM Fleet Management Systems, Eniram MRV Solution, Pole Star MRV Solution, and Ship Net.
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