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We4Sea certified for EU-MRV emission monitoring for Ships

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DELFT, September 11th, 2017 – We4Sea is now officially certified by Verifavia for EU-MRV emission monitoring.
We4Sea developed a cloud platform that offers advanced solutions to optimize the performance ánd reduce fuel consumption and emissions of seagoing ships. We4Sea collects vast amounts of operational data of a ship, such as position, speed, heading and engine data. This data is sent to shore, where it is enriched with other data sources, such as weather conditions, wave heights, currents and wind. The proprietary algorithms and energy models of We4Sea transform this big data pool into actionable management information on how to optimize the use and configuration of a ship. In pilot projects, We4Sea has proven that using data analysis can substantially cut fuel costs, up to 20%.
We4Sea recently launched a new software module,  in response to the European emission  monitoring regulations for ships, also known as EU- MRV. These regulations require all ships larger than 5000 Gross Tonnage to monitor, register and verify their CO2 emissions, when sailing in European waters, as of January 2018.  We4Sea’s MRV module has been intensively reviewed by Verifavia’s MRV experts against the requirements of the EU MRV Regulation (2015/757) in terms of process and functionality and found to be fully compliant.
Using We4Sea’s MRV module, all MRV required data is easily captured within standard vessel forms as part of the normal workflow for arrival, departure, and noon reporting. The collected data instantly feeds standardized reporting templates that can be submitted for MRV verification at the end of the monitoring period. In addition, We4Sea clients can continuously monitor their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in real-time via an on-line dashboard. [...]


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