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General Declarations: Choosing between what is Easy and what is Right!

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One of the most important tasks for maintaining the IHM Part 1 of the vessels is collecting proper declarations ‘Material Declaration (MD) and Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)’ from the suppliers for their supplied goods. The task is certainly also the most exhaustive one in ensuring that the prepared documents comply with the regulations and guidelines.

Over the past 30 months, Verifavia has been educating the suppliers with a hand-holding approach in preparing the declarations whilst making the IHM Maintenance process more efficient. The suppliers have done their part in acknowledging the seriousness of the regulations, whose ultimate goal is to ensure human and environmental safety during the ship recycling process.

Like in any process, there are roadblocks. Some of them are as follows:
  1. Email requests going unanswered
  2. Language barriers
  3. Different parties having varied interpretations of the regulations & guidelines
  4. Uncertainty related to General Declarations
            And more…

Let us try to understand what general declarations are. A general declaration is a signed form filled by a supplier declaring that his ‘All supplied products’ are free of any hazardous materials. The declaration is in the format as prescribed in MEPC.269(68) and all mandatory fields like addresses, names, ID nos, hazmat declarations, etc. are filled properly. The problem is that 2 other mandatory fields are not filled – Product Name and Product Number/Information. And this is where the declaration may become non-compliant.

Granted that the general declaration is very convenient, however, it poses a risk to compliance and potentially encourages fraudulent declarations of supplies from an unaccounted supply chain, resulting in heavy fines or litigation.

So, how does a supplier ensure compliance?
  • By providing item-wise and/or PO-wise declarations
  • Always follow up with their sub-suppliers or manufacturers to validate the data before filling up the declarations OR collect declarations from the manufacturer – at no stage should any supplier run away from this responsibility.
Supplier Admin Dashboard has been specifically designed for this purpose – to ensure compliance and minimize the documentation load. The tool generates item-wise and order-wise declarations for hundreds of orders in no time. The complete outsourcing service offered by Verifavia covers an end-to-end solution of taking responsibility for following up with sub-suppliers/manufacturers and subsequent preparation of the declarations on behalf of suppliers.

The UI of this dashboard is designed similar to the Supplier Dashboard – a tool extensively used by 5000+ Suppliers to prepare more than 150,000 declarations for 2000+ vessels of over 80 mutual clients.

This entirely digital solution also aids in reducing carbon footprint concerns by being completely paperless.

For more information about Verifavia’s Supplier Admin Dashboard, click here

- Harshal Khobragade, IHM Manager
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