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> EU reaches agreement on monitoring of CO2 shipping emissions

EU reaches agreement on monitoring of CO2 shipping emissions

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The Council reached a political agreement on the regulation setting out new EU-wide rules for monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from ships.

The new mechanism for monitoring reporting and verification of CO2 emission from ships is a building block towards the implementation of the 2030 framework. At the same time, it is a contribution to the international negotiations at the International Maritime Organization, aimed at a global monitoring, reporting and verification system.

International maritime shipping is the only means of transportation not included in the EU’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Monitoring CO2 emissions from ships is the first step in a staged approach to reducing greenhouse gas e missions in this sector as well.

The new regulation will improve information about CO2 emissions relating to the consumption of fuels, transport work and energy efficiency of ships. This will make it possible to analyse emission trends and assess ships’ performances.


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