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Verifavia audits Dynacom for EU MRV

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Verifavia has commenced a ‘pre-verification GAP-Analysis’ audit for Greek-based Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd.

This comes as the tanker operator aims to meet the requirements of the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Regulation, which came into force on 1st July 2015.

From August 2017, all ship owners and operators operating ships exceeding 5,000 GT within the EU will be required to submit a Monitoring Plan (MP) to verifiers. This outlines plans to monitor and report their carbon emissions, fuel consumption, and associated transport work.
Nikolas Theodorou, managing director, Verifavia Shipping Hellas, said: “Our team of EU MRV technical experts will continue to work in close partnership with Dynacom to support them on the road to ‘MRV-Ready’ status.

He continued: “Having already spent a full day on site at their head office in Glyfada, we were extremely impressed with the wealth of information and depth of existing detail already held by Dynacom.”

“These details will undoubtedly assist the company in reporting its carbon emissions and transport work in accordance with the regulation. We are fully confident in the accuracy of the data and process gaps identified by Verifavia, as well as the efficiency and attention with which these shall be diligently closed by Dynacom in order to achieve MRV compliance.”

Working closely with Dynacom, Verifavia Shipping Hellas has started a GAP-Analysis audit of the tanker operator’s procedures, operations, and draft Monitoring Plan.

The audit will involve a thorough assessment against the specification of the EU MRV Regulation and Delegated and Implementing Acts.

This will aim to ensure that the vessel is on course to achieve MRV compliance. Once all gaps have been closed, Verifavia will review the final version of the MP and issue Dynacom with an MRV-Ready certificate.

“We very much value the collaborative approach taken by Verifavia to date, and have every confidence in the team’s expertise to support us in achieving EU MRV compliance,” added a representative from Dynacom.

The company concluded: “We found the one day site visit very insightful, interactive, and an overall worthwhile exercise. We feel fortunate to be engaged with an experienced, independent verifier and are looking forward to implement the feedback gathered to help us close the gaps and meet the requirements of the EU MRV regulation.”


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