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Verifavia Shipping - July 2022 Newsletter

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Verifavia Shipping’s First sea-trial analysis report approved & MEPC 78 Updates

MEPC 78 has cleared clouds hovering over the EEXI and CII regulations which had become a topic of confusion for the ship operators and managers.

Our team of naval architects and marine engineers is fully equipped and capable of carrying out EEXI calculations, CFD analysis, and in-service sea trials, thus providing an end-to-end solution to the ship operators. We have prepared EEXI technical files for 350+ vessels for more than 50 clients, and Sea Trial reports (Post In-Service Sea Trial) approved by major classification societies like DNV, LR, NK, etc. […]

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FuelEU Maritime -  Strengthening EU’s stance to Decarbonize Maritime Transport

The maritime transport predominately uses the fuel of Fossil origin and there is an imperative requirement to shift to low carbon fuels to reduce the Green House Gas emissions from the maritime industry. According to the data gathered in 2018 through the EU monitoring, reporting and Verification (MRV) the maritime industry contributed 11% of the total CO2 emissions from the Transport sector in the EU.

FuelEU Maritime is a regulatory approach dedicated to promoting the use of renewable and low-carbon marine fuels and substitute sources of energy, such as wind or electricity. The implementation of the regulation will put a limit on the GHG intensity of energy used on board by ships that are arriving, departing and calling ports under EU member states. […]

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Latest developments on SEEMP Part III & CII

Carbon Intensity Indicator, CII, introduced by IMO, is a short-term measure to reach a target of 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. It was decided during the MEPC 75 meeting that the ships with more than 5000 GT have to report their annual attained carbon intensity to the Flag Administration. Based on the CII value, a rating will be assigned to each ship that will determine the performance of the ship and consequently, its viability.

During MEPC 76, IMO adopted the CII regulation and revised Marpol Annex VI but till MEPC 77, there were no clear guidelines on how to monitor, calculate or prepare to comply with this regulation. Much awaited MEPC 78 gave a definitive approach to ship owners on the upcoming regulation of CII.

From 2023, there will be three parts of SEEMP that a company has to maintain. […]

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EU ETS for Maritime Transport – What Gets Measured Gets Managed!

Considering various sectoral trends in emissions, institutions like the European Commission is working towards aligning all the sector-specific disclosures in ensuring the collective responsibility towards combating climate change.

Members of the European Parliament have voted to extend the scope of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to the shipping industry and trialogue negotiations to finalize ETS reforms are ongoing.

From 2027, the vessels above 400 GT will be covered, possibly including ships performing service activities for offshore installations and the types of emissions covered will also expand under the proposals to include more greenhouse gas emissions like CH4 and NOX. […]

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VERIFAVIA has been acquired by the NORMEC GROUP!

We are delighted to announce that Verifavia has recently joined the Normec Group! 
The Normec Group is a global organization, offering a complete package in the field of (laboratory) testing, analysis, inspections, and certifications. 
This deal gives us access to Normec Group’s materials testing sites and laboratories, markets, clients, and services in Europe. It also improves and expands the package of services we offer to our clients. Naturally, you can continue to count on the same quality, fees, and service as you are used to from Verifavia. [...]

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VERIFAVIA Updates - 2022 Verification Season & UK MRV Verification

We are delighted to share with you the fantastic feedback we received from our shipping clients following the successful verification of their 2021 EU MRV & IMO DCS emissions reports. 

Verifavia Shipping, has also contributed and provided insights to UK-basedsoftware development firm in their efforts towards the research and development phase of UK MRV digital reporting platform, while liaising with the Department of transport of U.K. [...]

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