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The Future of Green Shipping Through Carbon Inset Tokens

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Verifavia, a global leader in environmental verification, certification, and auditing for aviation, airports, and maritime transport, is pleased to share its insights on a groundbreaking topic discussed in the Green Seas podcast. The global shipping industry, like many others, is at a critical juncture in its journey towards sustainability, and carbon inset tokens are one of the most promising avenues to achieve the transformation into a greener future. The podcast, hosted by TradeWinds, delved into the concept of carbon inset tokens and their potential to revolutionize the shipping industry's approach to sustainability.

The Problem with Carbon Offsets

Historically, carbon offsetting has been the go-to solution for the shipping industry to mitigate its environmental impacts. However, these offsets have often been criticized for not addressing the root issue—emissions within the maritime sector itself.

Verifavia's Perspective

As Verifavia's Commercial Director, Guillaume de Roys, pointed out in the podcast, the inset market offers a viable path to sustainability for the shipping industry. By focusing on internal solutions, insets can avoid the pitfalls that have plagued the offset market. Verifavia is excited about the potential of this new product and is keen to support its implementation.

Partnerships for Progress

The podcast also highlighted a promising partnership between fuels provider Titan and climate tech firm 123Carbon. This collaboration aims to provide inset tokens for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and liquefied biomethane, further expanding the scope and impact of this innovative solution.


Carbon inset tokens represent a significant step forward in the shipping industry's journey towards sustainability. Verifavia is committed to leveraging its expertise in environmental verification to support this transformative initiative. Together, we can steer the maritime sector towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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