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Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) & CII Dashboard

All cargo and cruise ships of 5000 Gross Tonnage and above that are already subjected to the IMO’s Data Collection System should comply with the CII rating scheme. CII is a new measure adopted by the IMO to meet its objective“to reduce CO2 emissions per transport work, as an average across international shipping, by at least 40% by 2030, pursuing efforts towards 70% by 2050, compared to 2008.”



In 2023 ship operators will have to calculate and submit the Attained CII & CII rating of its ships along with its IMO DCS fuel oil data.

Depending on the difference between attained and required CII, ships will be categorized under a rating scheme from A to E, A being the most efficient. The initial CII reference is calculated using 2019 as a base year and a reduction factor will be applied every year , this means a ship will have to continuously improve its operational performance to maintain or achieve the same or higher ratings.

Implementation Process for CII


Impact on ship operators

There exists various voluntary rating schemes in place to incentivize ship operators. IMO, with its new mandatory CII rating scheme, encourages the Administration, Port Authorities and other stakeholders to provide incentives to the ships that are rated as A or B. Alternatively, ships rated D for three consecutive years or rated E for one year should include a corrective action plan in an enhanced SEEMP, to achieve the required annual operational CII rating.

How can Verifavia help you?

CII ratings are based on verified reports of IMO’s Fuel Oil Data Collection System (IMO DCS) reported by shipping companies to flag states every year. Verifavia is registered with the Panama Maritime Authority, the Liberia Maritime Authority, Antigua & Barbuda, Palau, Republic of Dominica, Vanuatu & Bermuda, to verify IMO DCS fuel oil data and CII ratings of shipping operators. For all other flag administrations, Verifavia can perform the verification under its collaboration with the Korean Registry of Shipping and RINA. Verifavia is also accredited by COFRAC to verify EU MRV data. We provide a one-stop solution to all the mandatory and voluntary GHG verification needs of ships and shipping companies.

Verifavia’s CII dashboard

To cater to the needs of the industry Verifavia has developed an in-house CII dashboard. This CII dashboard helps shipping operators evaluate the operational efficiency and accurately calculate the rating of their ships according to the latest MEPC guidelines. The dashboard helps forecast the CII rating of the ship and in turn, allows for ship operators to be proactive inanticipating operational improvement and design modifications to maintain or improve their rating.

Some salient features of the CII dashboard

  1. Evaluate current & historical operational efficiency and CII rating for any (fleet of) ship(s). 
  2. Project the CII rating of the ship for the upcoming years. 
  3. Transparent information sharing forall stakeholders – board, operator, owner, charterer(s). 
  4. Efficient and transparent communication of the operational efficiency to third parties (port authorities, financial institutions and other shipping stakeholders). 
  5. Custom calculator to forecast a vessel’s CII rating for a single voyage or a reporting period. 
  6. Simulate the impact of various measures on fuel consumption to navigate from inferior to superior ratings.

CII dashboard at a glance

Interactive dashboard for visualing KPIs at the fleet level 

Detailed comparator of ship’s performances and CII ratings

Visualization of past and future trends based on real / forecast data for various improvement scenarios

CII comparator for individual ships

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