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Maintenance of IHM

According to the EU SRR and the Hong Kong Convention, the IHM Part 1 must always be maintained up-to-date during the operational lifetime of the vessel. VERIFAVIA SHIPPING can take care of this process on behalf of shipowners in the most efficient way.


About IHM Maintenance

The EU SRR requires proper maintenance and update of the IHM throughout the operational life of ships for which the Regulation applies. This means that if any new or different machinery or equipment is added to, removed or replaced, the IHM must be updated by collection of suppliers' declarations. 

For the newly installed equipments, the IHM Part I needs to be updated by obtaining Material Declaration (MD) and Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) from the suppliers.

After the preparation of the IHM, and its certification by class, our team can take care of the maintenance of the IHM with a digital solution to ensure it is constantly up-to-date and to facilitate the renewal survey after 5 years.

The role of our hazmat experts

To maintain IHM Part 1, our team of hazmat experts will:
  • Be a dedicated person (on behalf on ship owner / manager) to support and supervise the maintenance process, by appropriately maintaining & updating IHM Part 1 especially after any repair, conversion or sale of a ship.
  • Ensure that the whole process is conducted according to the requirements for new ships as stipulated in subsections 4.1.2 to 4.1.4 of the Resolution MEPC.269 (68)
  • Screen, evaluate & review all the POs, repaired and work done for specific vessel by 'checking of materials listed in Table A & Table B' and 'perform process for checking of materials'.
  • Work on the IHM report (exchange, add, delete information about the hazardous materials inherent in the components and materials of the ship), & liaise with suppliers when required (for MDs & SDoCs).
  • Be a company designated person for IHM maintenance as per MEPC guidelines
  • Deliver the updated IHM Part I to the Client whenever required.


VERIFAVIA's "Plug and Play" IHM Maintenance Dashboard

VERIFAVIA SHIPPING-IHM has launched the world's first 3-way  "Plug and Play" IHM Maintenance Dashboard  to ensure efficient and continuous maintenance of your  IHM Part 1 Reports !

Our  IHM Maintenance Dashboard  can be plugged into your procurement system or suppliers' portal via simple APIs, and played live on  Hazinvent-M , the tool we used to conduct your IHM surveys where all your survey records are stored.

Hazinvent-M  has been interfaced with  VERIFAVIA's  IHM Maintenance Dashboard  to create the world's first online platform to provide Shipowners, Superintendents & Vessels a live access to the IHM Maintenance status of the vessels at all times:
  • Single page system with simple and minimum clicks
  • Pro-active and continuous automated readiness for PSC Inspections 
  • Saves you from long hours and understanding of Hazardous Materials regulations
  • Saves you from penalties and potential ban on entering EU ports
  • Uses world's biggest in-house team of Hazmat experts with extensive experience dealing with IHM for 750+ vessels
  • Team of Marine Engineers & Naval Architects who understand the industry and have experience with PSC, IMO and EMSA rules
  • Automatic generation of monthly (or ad-hoc) IHM Maintenance reports to demonstrate implementation and compliance with regulations
  • Software As A Service (SAAS) model validated by Blockchain technology and available on the Cloud!
Even if we did not prepare your IHM Reports, our  IHM Maintenance Dashboard  can be plugged into your procurement system or suppliers' portal via simple APIs, and played live on  Hazinvent-M , the tool we use to conduct IHM surveys. Your IHM Reports will be uploaded on  Hazinvent-M  by our Hazmat team free of charge.

Hazinvent-M  interfaced with our  IHM Maintenance Dashboard  is already used daily by  1700+ ships from 60 shipping companies worldwide,  almost 800 of which did not conduct the IHM surveys with us!

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Please contact us if you would like to know more, and schedule an online demo with our Hazmat team.
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