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Hazardous Materials Management for Maritime Suppliers

Option 1- Suppliers Dashboard where MDs and SDOCs can be created free of charge (for the moment)

Verifavia Shipping proudly presents “Suppliers Dashboard” to further ease the process of IHM Maintenance and reduce the workload of the suppliers.

Developed by a team of hazmat experts and marine engineers with shipping procurement experience, we have ensured that the dashboard has a user-friendly interface and will assist the suppliers to prepare the Material Declaration (MDs) and Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoCs) for the items supplied to the vessels.

Keeping in mind that it takes a lot of time and efforts to manually prepare MDs & SDoCs, the dashboard will generate correct declarations and auto-upload the same to our IHM Maintenance dashboard and HazInvent-M for client access. The tool creates item-wise declarations in compliance with the regulations and guidelines - part by part for multiple orders within few clicks and under a minute!

Suppliers can also use the platform to create declarations for clients contracted by other IHM maintenance service providers.

This online platform comes with the user guides, round the clock assistance and is backed by our clients.

Already accessed by 1500+ suppliers, the tool is FREE to use!

Click here to visit VERIFAVIA's "Suppliers Dashboard"

Option 2 - Reviewing supplier’s supply chain, getting materials tested and providing support for MD & SDOC preparation.

This option is for the suppliers who are willing to work with Verifavia Shipping on a global partnership level to minimize their work as practical as possible to be in compliance with the regulations and guidelines.

The process is outlined as below:
  • Supplier provides Verifavia Shipping a complete list of all their supplied/manufactured products including spare parts and supplies which are supplied to the shipping industry.
  • Verifavia Shipping will then segregate the items with regards to IHM Part 1 compliance and take samples of these items from the manufacturing plants to test with our partner labs.
  • Logistics of the above process will be kept at the most optimum level.
  • Based on the lab reports, Verifavia shipping will prepare generic declarations of all the supplied/manufactured products including spare parts and supplies, in compliance with the regulations and guidelines.
  • Verifavia Shipping will provide these universal declarations to all the supplier’s clients.
  • Verifavia Shipping will develop a common application platform providing access to both the parties and upload these declarations for supplier’s record.
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