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> Which on-board emission sources should be considered?

Which on-board emission sources should be considered?

The EU MRV Regulation lists the sources of emission on-board for which fuel and emissions must be monitored and reported under the EU MRV: main engines, auxiliary engines, boilers, turbines and inert gas generators (for tankers only). Consequently, other emissions sources on-board such as incinerators do not necessarily need to be reported.
The Annex I of the draft Implementing Act indicates that the following information must be provided for every source in the Monitoring Plan:
  • Reference number
  • Name and type
  • Technical description (performance / power, specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC), year of installation, identification number in case of multiple identical emission sources, etc.)
  • Fuel types used 
In addition, the methods chosen for fuel consumption monitoring for every emission source must be specified in the Monitoring Plan.
Sources: Regulation 2015/757 Art. 6 and Draft Implementing Act on templates Annex I

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