Verifavia Shipping
Verify, Comply, Navigate
Verifavia provides EU MRV monitoring plan assessment services to shipping companies
Verifavia provides EU MRV emissions report verification services to shipping companies
Verifavia provides IMO DCS verification services to Liberian-flagged vessels
Verifavia provides EU MRV regulatory guidance, technical workshops and webinars to the shipping sector
Verifavia provides emissions verification guidance that enables shipping companies to navigate the requirements of EU MRV efficiently and effectively
Verifavia's auditors share their expertise to accurately analyse data, provide insightful information and objectively verify the regulatory requirements

Verifavia shipping

Verifavia is the first and only global independent accredited EU MRV verification body with dual accreditation, and the first and only IMO DCS verifier for several Flag States.

Verifavia aims to be the maritime transport’s first choice for the provision of efficient, flexible, and highly competitive EU MRV, IMO DCS, CCWG and CSI verification for shipping companies worldwide.

With its innovative approach, streamlined procedures and the technical expertise of its team, Verifavia provides a top-class service that ensures its customers experience a smooth verification journey.
Number of ships under EU MRV contract with Verifavia Shipping
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