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Founded in 2007, TB Marine is recognized for its sustained focus on safety, quality, reliability and flexibility. As such, experience of conducting IHM surveys with competent professionals has helped us complete the IHM Survey process in time.
We are thankful for the planning and execution of the project despite the difficult times.
Setting the standard and looking ahead, knowing our fleet will have ongoing IHM maintenance services provided by Verifavia Shipping is reassuring.
Our commitment to sustainability lies at the heart of our operations – and fully met by Verifavia Shipping in delivering the services.  
The regulations dictate the IHM must be constantly up-to-date and Verifavia Shipping can ensure this is done efficiently and accurately, as well as facilitating the renewal survey required every five years.
Correct data can easily be accessed in any port around the world, at any time, as required. Our efforts to achieve these goals are supported and we are confident our vessels comply with the regulation.              Back to all References
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