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In relation with the new Shipping MRV Regulation that came into force on 1st July 2015 affecting all ships exceeding 5000 GT that call at an EU port, Verifavia is performing a pre-verification 'gap analysis' audit of Seaspan.

As part of the pre-verification, Verifavia will perform a site visit to Seaspan's office in Vancouver to review its procedures and data and perform a gap analysis against the requirements laid out in the Regulation 2015/757.

Verifavia will review its voyages, fuel and cargo data collection, transmission and transformation procedures, and will perform preliminary analysis of its carbon emissions and activity data. The audit involves interviews, review of documents, observation of IT systems and key processes, a ship inspection, analysis of data and audit trails.

The audit will be based on the following articles of Regulation 2015/757:
  • Design of the monitoring plan: Art. 6, 8, 9, 10, Annex I and II
  • Verification of the monitoring plan: Art. 13, 14, 15, and Annex III
  • Preparation of the emissions report: Art 11, 12, Annex I and II
  • Verification of the emissions report: Art.13, 14, 15, and Annex III
Verifavia will also use the various consultant reports and working papers on monitoring, reporting and verification that are used by the Commission in the drafting of the delegated and implementing acts as reference for some of the technical details. Verifavia has access to these documents thanks to its involvement in the Commission's group of experts on MRV.


Seaspan provides many of the world's major shipping lines with alternatives to vessel ownership by offering long-term leases on large, modern containerships combined with industry leading ship management services. Seaspan operates and manages state-of-the-art containerships, facilitating the transport of goods worldwide. Its fleet is comprised of a group of 100+ vessels, organized into 3 divisions: operating, newbuild and managed.

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