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MRV Week: Journey to EU MRV Shipping Regulation

18-22 April 2016
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For one whole week, this unique Web- event organized by SetelHellas will bring together international & domestic Shipping Experts. You will have the opportunity to discuss with them the Challenge for the shipping companies to achieve efficient & effective compliance with the new EU MRV Shipping Regulation 2015/757.

This event will enable a public web platform as a shared meeting point, initiating a true dialogue among the Shipping industry stake holders and giving insight in to the latest updates on MRV Regulation and Technical Innovation. Experts and Shipping professionals from all departments, will discuss, debate, share information, answer questions and address the pertinent Environmental issues that the Shipping Industry faces.


Monday, 18thApril:
  • Welcome note. [SetelHellas]
  • The environmental impact of the international maritime shipping –Trends & Perspectives. [Organization Earth]
  • The EU Environmental Policy -Why the Industry needs to rush to Comply. [Verifavia Shipping]
Tuesday, 19thApril:
  • The journey to MRV Compliance may seem daunting, but the bigger risk is not starting down the path at all. [Lloyd’s Register Marine]
Wednesday, 20thApril:
  • SeemBox-V: Your companion for MRV & Performance Monitoring. [SetelHellas]
Thursday, 21stApril:
  • Challenges in MRV Implementation - The way forward. [BV]
Friday, 22ndApril:
  • MRV Training is Not a luxury. It's a necessity. [GMC Maritime Center]
  • A Common Outcome to MRV Regulation. [Sea Pioneer and DFDS]

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